Mixergy hot water tank

Mixergy is a smart new way to heat your water. It’s faster than a standard tank and uses a lot less energy – helping you make savings on your energy bill whilst being kinder to the planet.

The Mixergy tank makes heating water smarter

The Mixergy hot water tank gives you:

  • Hot water delivered ten times faster
  • Up to 30% more usable hot water
  • Excellent hot water pressure
  • Up to 21% reduction in gas use 1
  • Controlled via the Mixergy app
  • Voice control with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa
  • The Mixergy tank makes heating water smarter
More about Mixergy

Why pay to heat water you don’t need?

Traditional hot water tanks heat the whole volume each morning regardless of how much you actually need. It then cools throughout the day and needs to be reheated again in the evening. But Mixergy does it differently…

Save energy and carbon when heating your hot water with Mixergy smart tanks.

Mixergy heats only what you need

Using science and clever design know-how, Mixergy heats from the top down in sections.

So, no more wasted energy heating water you won’t use. You get what you need throughout the day – plus a little extra, just in case.

How Mixergy’s smart and connected hot water cylinders work

In your first week with a Mixergy tank, it learns how much hot water you use and when. It then heats the right amount for those times of day when you’re most likely to need it. So it’s completely in tune to your home’s daily routine.

The Mixergy app

The Mixergy app lets you roll your sleeves up and get involved. You’ll find a wealth of interesting facts about how much water you use and when, so you can tinker ‘til your heart’s content.

Let Mixergy do the work

Mixergy is ready to learn your schedule, so it fits easily into your lifestyle – quietly and reliably ticking along in the background and reducing your energy bills every year.

Planet friendly

Reduce your home’s energy use and cut your Co2 footprint. Now you no longer need to heat an entire tank for a small amount of hot water – giving you long-term savings whilst doing your bit for the planet.

Boost of heat

Both the app and control panel allow you to see how much hot water you have available at any time. And you can easily give it a boost if you’re expecting to need a little extra. And voice-assistance with a range of apps, including Alexa, mean you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your chair.

Mixergy Extra – coming soon

MixergyExtra offer gives you £40 a year towards your electricity bill. All you need to do is:

  • Have a British Gas fixed tariff
  • We’ll confirm your Mixergy tank details
  • We’ll credit your account £10 every quarter

Additional information

  1. EST verified.