Smart lighting. Hive Lights

From subtle spotlights to colour-changing bulbs, our energy-saving lights are ideal if you’re looking to brighten your home the smart way.

Brighten your home from your phone. What are smart lights?

Smart lights can let you control you’re the lighting in your home from your smartphone. Our energy-efficient bulbs and spotlights can help you save money, feel safer and set the mood. Best of all, you can use the Hive app to set schedules and turn on your lights when you’re out and about (to make it seem like someone’s home).

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Three reasons to get Hive Lights

Save energy and money

Our LED smart bulbs are rated F for energy efficiency. That means you can look forward to saving on energy and money.

Enjoy peace of mind

Heading out? Set lighting schedules to make it seem like someone’s home or use Mimic mode to get your lights to turn off and on in a varied pattern.

Take full control

Use the Hive app to control your Hive lights from your smartphone – if you usually forget to turn them off when you leave the house.

Get started. Set them up in seconds

Just replace your existing bulbs with our Hive light bulbs and pair them with your Hive Hub. You can choose from dimmable, colour-changing or cool-to-warm bulbs to suit your décor and mood.

Turn them off together. Lights off in one tap

Group your Hive Lights and you can turn them on or off in one go with a single tap on the Hive app.

Smarter living. Lights on as you walk in

Hive Lights can connect to other Hive devices and tech, like the sensors in your Hive app. So you can set your hall lights to turn on when you walk through the front door.

Voice-controlled smart lights. “Alexa, turn on the lights”

All Hive Lights work with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. So you can ask them to turn all the lights on or off  – perfect if you’ve got your hands full and can’t get to the app.

Hive bulbs

Hive dimmable bulb

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Hive light cool to warm white bulb

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Hive colour-changing bulb

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Hive E14 bulbs

Hive E14 dimmable smart bulb

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Hive E14 light cool to warm white smart bulb

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Hive GU10 bulbs

Hive GU10 dimmable bulb

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Hive GU10 light cool to warm white bulb

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Frequently asked questions

What is a smart lighting system?

Smart lighting allows you to control your lights from your mobile. tablet or laptop. Depending on the type of smart light you have, you can change the tone or color of the bulb, dim the lights or turn multiple lights off at once.

Are Hive Smart Light bulbs energy efficient?

Hive Smart Light bulbs are long-lasting LED bulbs and are rated F for energy efficiency, and by controlling them remotely you can make sure they're not left on.

How to control Hive Light Dimmable bulbs with the Hive app

To change the brightness of your Hive Light Dimmable bulbs, tap on the dots in the dimming ring around the central on/off button in the Hive Active Light icon in your Hive app or online dashboard to turn the dimming level up or down. The status in the middle of the circle will show you the current level of brightness set.

How do you control your Hive Smart Light bulbs remotely?

Select your Hive Active Light from the dashboard or all devices list. Select the circle in the middle of the screen to turn your Hive Active Light on and off. The status in the middle of the circle will tell you if it is currently off or on.

How do you control your Hive Smart Light bulbs with your phone?

The Hive award-winning app puts your home in your hand. Within the app you can turn your lights on or off, dim them and set schedules so your lights turn on or off automatically.

How do you connect Alexa to your lights?

From your Alexa app, tap ‘Skills’ in the menu and search for Hive. There are two Hive Skills for Alexa so for the best Alexa experience, make sure you enable both to unlock all the Hive features. Once you have enabled both skills, enter your Hive username and password and follow the onscreen instructions.

How do you connect Google Home with your Hive Smart Light bulbs?

Open the Google Home app. Within the devices tab click 'Add' and select your Hive device. Now you can ask "Ok Google, turn off the kitchen lights."

Have an issue with your Hive Smart Light bulbs?

Please visit Hive for any additional support required.