Smarter heating. Hive Radiator Valve

Our smart radiator valves let you control the heating in your home room by room.

Smart heating made easy. Never heat an empty room again

Turn the heating down in one room but keep the rest of your home warm with our clever valves. They're easy to install and even easier to control from your smartphone.

Total control from your app. Set your ideal temperature

  • Got Hive Active Heating? Use your Hive app to turn up the temperature in a room, even if it’s outside your normal schedule

  • Set the exact temperature you want for each room

  • Set different schedules for different rooms

Heat the rooms you
want to

Tired of heating empty rooms? A Hive Radiator Valve lets you turn the radiator down in a spare or vacant room, while keeping the rest of the house warm and cosy.

Warm your home with a tap of the finger

Get the Hive app on your smartphone and enjoy room-by-room heating from the palm of your hand. Ideal if you’ve left the house and need to turn down the heat in one room.

You don’t need Hive Active Heating

Don’t have a Hive Active Heating smart thermostat? Don't worry. You can still use our valves to keep some rooms cool and the rest of your house snug.

You don’t need an engineer. How to get started

Just unscrew your current radiator valve and replace it with a Hive one. It'll need some time to calibrate with your radiator. You'll then be able to control your new valve from your smartphone.

Hive Radiator Valve

Single valve and warm up to smart heating.

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