There’s no getting away from the fact that we’re living in challenging economic times. As a result, we know you are looking more carefully than ever at what you spend on your household bills. That's why we want to help you keep your energy bills as low as possible and get the best value from our tariffs.

Use our checklist below to find out if you're on the best British Gas tariff for you and that you're getting all the discounts, benefits and rewards you're entitled to.

Check your tariff

Are you on the right tariff for you?

We know that choosing an energy tariff is complicated. To help, we have simplified our tariffs to just two types, Variable and Fixed, so now it's easy to ensure you're on the one that suits you. Our Variable tariffs change price in line with the cost of energy, meaning your price could go up or down. Our Fixed tariffs will remain at the same rates for a fixed term giving you further peace of mind. To find out if we can offer you a better deal, use our energy price calculator. The calculator searches our available tariffs and picks out the cheapest based on the energy you use.

Insulate your home

Are you eligible for free insulation?

You could save up to £140 on your energy bill with loft insulation and up to £160 with cavity insulation every year.[1] Insulation locks in your heat so you won't need to have your heating on as often, helping to save you money. It's straightforward and takes less than a day to install.

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Have you added EnergySmart™ to your account for free? 

EnergySmart™ helps you see exactly how much energy you're using with exclusive online tools, helping you save up to £110[2]. As an EnergySmart™ customer we'll also reward you with Nectar points.

Please note Smart Meter customers are not able to sign up to EnergySmart™.

Direct Debit

Are you on the right payment method?

Switch to Direct Debit and you could save on your bills. Not only is paying by Direct Debit more convenient, it also spreads the costs of bills evenly across the year so that you don't have to pay more in the winter when you’re using more energy.

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Are you benefiting from Dual Fuel discount?

If you switch both fuels to us, you could save up to £15 per year with our Dual Fuel
discount.[3] It really is that simple!

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Save up to £150 a year on your energy bills.

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[1] Savings figure source Actual savings depend on individual circumstances.

[2] Savings of up to £110 can be achieved by reducing consumption by 12% by using the EnergySmart online consumption hub, based on average annual consumption of 12,500 kWh for gas and 3,100 kWh for single rate electricity, paying by Monthly Direct Debit on our tariff prices as at 27th August 2015, rounded average across all regions including VAT. Actual energy savings will vary depending on individual circumstances.

[3] Where you have both gas and electricity with us at the same property, you’ll receive one Dual Fuel discount of £15 per year (including VAT). The discount will be continuously applied to your bill throughout your billing period if you use a credit meter or applied to your meter at least once a year if you use a prepayment meter. If you cancel this agreement (for example by switching to another energy supplier), you will receive a Dual Fuel discount for the number of days you have been with us during that one year period