When the ‘Back to the Future’ film trilogy starring Michael J Fox first hit our screens back in the 1980s, we were given an insight into a future that contained innovations such as hover boards, flying cars and self-drying clothes. Although many of these ‘inventions’ remain solely the product of a scriptwriter’s imagination, some of the ideas portrayed in the films have started to become something of a reality.

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The Sky Factory brings us closer to the future

Thanks to a company called The Sky Factory, we’re closer to realising the house of future, also portrayed in Back to the Future II, which was set three years from now, in 2015.

The Sky Factory provides both homes and offices with virtual skylights – called luminous SkyCeilings – that enable people anywhere in the world to enjoy stunning panoramic views. The windows combine mood lighting with stunning visuals, providing the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern living, with photographic illusions of real sky views triggering beneficial relaxation responses to both the body and mind.

For anyone looking for something even more dynamic, the Sky Factory also offers a Digital Cinema Display, which gives the illusion of real sky in vivid, UltraHD sequences, with scenes varying from cherry blossom blowing in a gentle breeze to iridescent clouds drifting across the sky.

The windows combine energy efficient lighting technologies with recycled materials to ensure minimum heat-loss, meaning that they’re both kind to the planet as well as your pocket.

And the good news for any DIY enthusiasts out there is that the windows come in a modular format that can be easily installed into existing hung ceilings with just minor changes to lighting systems, so brightening up your living or working environment has never been simpler!

So getting back to the future, we might be some way off realising some of the predictions made in the films – but as demonstrated by the Sky Factory – other innovations might be just around the corner.


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