Electric vehicles and pedal power

Footprint-free travel is still some way off, but steady progress is being made thanks to innovations such as solar-powered charging points for electric cars and nylon bicycles. Here we explore some of the greener ways of getting from A to B.

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Robert Llewellyn

Drive 1,000 miles for a fiver!

British motorists with fully-electric cars can drive 1,000 miles for just over five pounds.

Car Charging

Hitachi Capital’s electric cars get fully charged

UK businesses will now be able to lease fully electric vehicle.

Nissan Leaf charging

Smarter living: Fully charged

In the next 12 months Britain is on track to have a total of 3000 charging points.

British Gas powers - RAC Future Car Challenge

RAC Future Car Challenge is the world’s leading low-energy driving challenge.

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