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Stop the silence

We’re very pleased to have worked with the Post Office and British Gas Energy Trust funded charities to reach vulnerable households in the UK.

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Summer is a great time to save energy

We’ve got lots of tips to help you save now and build up credit for the winter months.

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What does the gas boiler ban mean for me?

Got a gas boiler? The new rules don’t mean you need to replace yours straight away.

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The Source blog. Greener living

The latest tech, tips and tariffs to help you do your bit.

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Everyday ways to protect the planet

Easy DIY tips to become more energy efficient

Little things you can do that will make your home both more eco-friendly and cheaper to run.

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6 ways to go smart this summer – and save energy

A smart home can help you do your bit for the planet by cutting your carbon footprint. Find out how to get started.

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How to reduce your carbon footprint at home

With a little help from Hive Heating Plus you can streamline your energy usage, save money on heating, and continue to unite in the fight against climate change.

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The Source blog. Making a difference

We're always here to help.

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Making a difference for our people and communities

Building a greener workforce

On our drive to help customers reach Net Zero, we’re upskilling and recruiting  bright new talent to train in green skills.

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Bright futures in engineering

Many women have joined our apprenticeship scheme – and here, three of them tell us why they decided to say ‘yes’.

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Flying the flag for inclusivity

The progressive pride flag on our vans is a symbol of our commitment to be open and inclusive for all.

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The Source blog. No place like home

Settle in and snuggle up with our handy advice and upgrades.

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Get the most out of your home

Smart home starter kits

Thinking about starting a smart home? Our friends at Hive can help you begin.

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Why choose HomeCare?

From boiler breakdowns to problem electrics, here's why HomeCare is great.

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Read our five top tips on gas safety.

Get your head around gas safety in just five simple steps.

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The Source blog. Here's how you can 'Fix it Yourself'

The tell-tale signs of common problems around the home – and how you can fix them.

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For helpful advice, we're here to solve

What if there’s no running water?

Find out how to fix simple plumbing issues yourself, without spending money on a call out.

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How to bleed a radiator

If your radiators aren't heating up, read our guide to learn when and how to bleed your radiators.

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How to troubleshoot your thermostat

Thermostat not working? Read our guide to troubleshoot your thermostat in no time with some simple tips.

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The Source blog. Keep one step ahead of the weather

With our top tips you'll be ready for all seasons – come rain or shine.

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Beat the weather, whatever it brings

Stay safe while you sizzle

Get the best out of your BBQ and enjoy the thrill of the grill safely.

Top BBQ tips

Ingenious wasy to keep your home cool

Don’t swelter your way through summer. Stay chilled with our top tips to stop your home getting too hot – no air-con necessary.

Room cooling ideas

6 ways to go smart this summer – and save energy

A smart home can help you do your bit for the planet by cutting your carbon footprint. Find out how to get started.

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We're at the ready. Our online experts are here to help

Our Solved on Screen videos can help you with top tips for fixing common household problems and teach you how to save energy for a greener home.