Our sustainable energy plans have just been recognised by Which?

It’s official: we’re one of the best for green energy according to Which?

We’ve just been named by Which? as one of the best of the big energy suppliers for sustainability in a recent report of over 40 energy firms – and we couldn’t be prouder. Which? are the go-to brand for UK customers who want informed, impartial, and in-depth reviews of a variety of products, from services and technology to household gadgets.

Their report showed that energy customers today are increasingly climate aware and have definite expectations of their providers. Over 900 of their members were surveyed and around half said that the sustainability credentials of energy suppliers were important.

So this recognition means a lot, because we think this also represents the opinion of many of our customers, too. Hopefully it shows that your opinions matter to us, that we listen and that we’re taking action in the fight against climate change.  

Clear and upfront costs of green energy

It’s been very sad to see around a dozen energy suppliers go under in recent months. And this is mainly due to increased wholesale energy prices, with customers now paying more to heat and power their homes. That’s why we think that – now more than ever – it’s important that energy suppliers give you clear information about what you get for your money. And that’s especially true if we’re asking you to pay that little bit more for renewably-sourced energies.

How we help customers go green

So what do you get? All our electricity tariffs are zero carbon as standard – so no fossil fuels or carbon emissions. On our fixed term electricity tariffs, your energy will be matched with only renewable sources, like wind and solar. And if you want to go even greener, our Green Future Tariff gives you 100% renewable electricity and offsets the carbon from your gas supply. And we’ll plant up to ten trees for each energy you sign up for, helping to improve woodlands around the UK – and all thanks to you.

How Which? considered each energy supplier

Which? awarded points to each supplier for:

  1. How much renewable electricity each supplier sold
  2. How much renewable electricity each supplier generated or bought directly from generators
  3. Whether suppliers had schemes where their customers’ energy use was matched by renewable power and had certificates to evidence
  4. How much ‘green’ gas was sold
  5. How transparent and clear each supplier was in disclosing their fuel mix on their websites.

How we measure up in our fuel mix

The mix of fuels we use to generate electricity for our customers – and their environmental impact – is known as the Fuel Mix Disclosure. And to see how we measure up, check out our Fuel Mix page. Our Green Futures Tariff was recently awarded gold accreditation by Uswitch. And we’re one of only three suppliers whose green tariffs have achieved this standard in an independently-verified accreditation scheme.

For more on our energy tariffs, visit our renewable tariffs page

Leading the way in meeting our net zero goals

As well naming British Gas, Which? also mentioned some of the other suppliers for sustainability too, including Scottish Power, Bulb and Octopus. And it’s important that we all listen to what our customers want and collectively lead the way to combat the effects of climate change. And that means finding new ways to power our homes sustainably and investing more in technologies that can reverse the effects of climate change. So we’re very pleased to be recognised, and with your help we hope to do much more  

To see the full Which? report, just hit the link below.

Which? Press release

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