Celebrating the amazing dads here at British Gas

To his four-year-old son, Steve’s a ‘Fixer’

To British Gas customers, he’s your expert appliance engineer


Father’s Day is always a great excuse for us to celebrate the hard-working dads here with us at British Gas.

Meet Steve. He’s an expert appliance engineer from Bolton. And as a working single dad to four-year-old son, Jack, Steve knows all too well the challenges of balancing a full-time job with being a parent.

“It can be difficult to squeeze everything in,” admits Steve, 33. “But it’s the same for everyone who has young children – there’s always something to do.”

Steve says Jack is clever, cheeky and has an amazing memory. “He knows most of the world’s flags already. He can tell the country just by seeing one,” he says. “He’s just a bright young boy who loves to ride his scooter, play football and read lots of books.”

From an apprentice to an expert appliance engineer 

Steve’s been with us for 12 years now, having joined on an apprenticeship when he was 21. “I always felt supported through my development with the in-house training and courses,” he says. “As an apprentice I was trained to deal with the most common appliance problems – it was invaluable.”

Now a specialist appliance engineer, Steve visits customers to fix their dishwashers, washing machines and other appliances that are causing mischief. And with such a wide variety out there, he’s got to be ready for anything. “I work hard to develop the skills I need so I can find and fix problems. Experience comes with time and gives me the confidence to get the job done properly.”

And, as a working dad, the time it takes to develop that expertise is only possible with his family’s help. Steve’s mum, Beverly, looks after Jack on weekdays when he’s not at nursery. “Having him two or three times a week really helps out,” says Steve. “She’s amazing.” Jack’s other grandma also gives up her free time to care for him, and together they give Steve the support he needs.

Each day Steve travels from home to home, fixing our customers’ appliances come rain or shine. And he’s always ready if an urgent, last-minute call comes in. He once got a call from an elderly customer in a panic – she ‘d kept his number from a previous call-out and told him water was pouring out from behind the dishwasher. “I went straight to her before my next scheduled job,” says Steve. “I raised a new job number and fixed the leak from the hose to the washer. She was over the moon.”

And with the final job of the day taken care of, it’s time for Steve to pick up his son. “If the weather’s nice we get outdoors to the park or for a walk to spend quality time together,” Steve says. “We like to tell each other how our day went.”

Supporting a work-life balance

At British Gas we’re proud to support our dads (and mums) every way we can. We know that taking care of a family takes energy and dedication. That’s why, as part of the British Gas family, we give our expert engineers the same focus, time and support. And it’s one of the many reasons why engineers like Steve stay with us for so long.

And what does Jack make of daddy’s job with British Gas?

“He knows that I repair things for people – he once came home from nursery with a name badge he made for me to wear at work,” he remembers. “It said ‘Fixer’ on it.”

So, the next time you book a British Gas engineer you may just meet someone like Steve – he’s a ‘Fixer’, and he’s the hardworking dad to his proud son, Jack.

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