Shelter and British Gas partner up to help those in need

  • Help for those in need of financial assistance
  • New rollout of debt and housing advisers
  • A £1 million fundraising effort


When you think about British Gas, you probably think they just heat up your radiators, and fix your boiler, right? Wrong.  

British Gas is also about giving back to society. The energy company is a major charity partner for Britain’s largest housing and homelessness charity Shelter, and has played a vital role in helping to improve the laws around tenants’ rights.

Shelter’s Chief Executive, Campbell Robb, agrees that British Gas is serious about giving back.

“We both instinctively understood that we were two organisations that were about the home” he says.


A huge victory for Shelter


A major high in the relationship was when Shelter and British Gas campaigned together to make improvements to the laws around “revenge evictions”. 

Previously, there was nothing to stop landlords evicting their tenants in “revenge” for complaining about their living conditions. 

“Many landlords were using this when people complained against them about the state of their property,” explains Campbell. “People would have this terribly unenviable choice of living with damp, vermin or dangerous electrics, knowing that if they complained about it, they could end up evicted.” 

British Gas and Shelter decided to work together to campaign against these types of evictions. 

“We went to Parliament and managed to change the law so it is harder for landlords to evict people for complaining about poor conditions. This was a huge, huge victory.” 


Not just about funding 


British Gas employees have also been helping the charity, giving up their time to fundraise more than £1m, which is a fantastic effort. 

Pull Quote: British Gas didn't just want to provide us with money, they wanted to actually make a difference

But British Gas didn’t just want to provide Shelter with a lump sum, Campbell says, “they wanted to actually make a difference.”

Really, it’s about uniting to help those who need it. 

Through the British Gas Energy Trust, Shelter also has 15 debt and housing advisers to help those struggling with their finances. 

Working together, the two organisations try to help more people struggling with poor housing conditions and with debt.



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