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Up and down the country there are advisers funded by The British Gas Energy Trust who are on hand to support people who need help with paying their bills. They can be found in Citizen Advice Bureaus, and in other partner sites such as Shelter – the housing and homelessness charity and Talking Money – a debt advice centre. There’s also a dedicated team of British Gas advisers taking calls all day long.


One of these advisers is Bev. Bev is part of the Customer Care team at British Gas that receives calls from people finding it hard to pay their bills. Her most memorable call was with a lady she helped to get a grant from the British Gas Energy Trust to clear her energy debts. 


Photo of Bev with hero quote - Customer Care Team, British Gas

Then there’s Mike. He looks after a team whose goal it is to get people on the right payment plan. He says many people in difficult circumstances find it hard to ask for help, which sometimes means they get into more debt and worry. But his team are there to give those people the support and advice they need, from working out a customer’s grant eligibility to phased repayment plans. 


Photo of Mike with hero quote - Customer Care Team, British Gas

There are also advisers like Aisha who work in partner organisations such as Talking Money. Aisha says what she loves about her job is the variety it offers. She also enjoys the feeling she gets when she’s helped someone get the right grant or benefit, to help them move on with their lives.

Photo of Aisha with hero quote - Customer Care Team, British Gas

These are just some of the many advisers who are making a real difference to people’s lives. You can read more about the effect of their great work here.



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