Park ranger to smart meter apprentice: Kate's story

Going from a park ranger to an energy industry apprentice might seem to be a big career leap. Smart meter apprentice Kate Phoenix, points out that the two have a key connection.

“I’d always wanted to get into this line of work because of my background as a park ranger,” says Kate. “I’ve always been very environmentally conscious. With the smart meters it’s more the customer side of it, making them aware of how they are using their electricity and their gas. I could really help people reduce their carbon footprint. To be able to make a difference to their lives is a massive thing for me.”

Her passion for energy efficiency burns brightly and she’s keen to pass it on. “I’m actively getting kids involved in energy saving. There’s a simple traffic light system with a British Gas Smart Meter so you can quickly see that if they are in the red, then they are using too much energy, if it’s amber they could probably save some money, and if it’s in the green then they are doing really well.”

The smart meter apprenticeship has filled Kate with enthusiasm, she is excited to continue helping customers use less energy and help save money into the future.

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