Making a difference around the world with Green Futures

Ecomapuà project in Brazil.

With 100% renewable electricity and carbon-neutral gas, our Green Futures tariff makes it easier to do your bit for the planet every day. But did you know that when you switch, you’ll also be supporting some amazing earth-friendly projects too?

Supporting women in the Kasigau Corridor, Kenya

Southern Kenya’s Kasigau Corridor is home to over 200,000 hectares of dryland forest and a diverse population of wildlife like cheetahs, zebras and elephants. But years of poaching, agriculture and deforestation means the survival of plants and animals in the area is under threat.

By funding projects that create sustainable jobs for local people, customers on our Green Futures tariff are encouraging them to work with the natural environment, instead of against it. Projects like the Kasigau Weaving Group, which gives women and girls like Hannah the opportunity to earn their own money and create a better future for their families.

We weave together and sell the baskets at local markets. We can now pay for our children’s education, which for women is amazing. Some of our children have even gone to secondary school.

Members of the Kasigau Weaving Group wearing their fair trade clothes.

Protecting over 2,000 African elephants

As well as supporting the local community, our Green Future customers also fund vital conservation efforts to keep Kasigau’s population of endangered species, including 2,000 African elephants, safe.

Over 100 rangers patrol the forest, recording animal sightings and deterring poachers.And by protecting the local ecosystem, the forest will continue to offset CO2 emissions for years to come.

Eric Sagwe, Head of Security, is proud of his team’s protective role:

There was a big issue of commercial poaching in the area… For the past three years, we have not heard any reports of gunshots within the project area.

The forest canopy has also greatly improved and became intact thanks to the regular patrols conducted by our rangers.

Eric Sagwe, Head of Security.

Planting trees in Nottinghamshire

Our Green Future customers are supporting projects at home too. Like the Emilie’s Wood project in Nottinghamshire, which is creating a native woodland alongside the River Smite to provide habitat for wildlife in an area with less than 1% tree coverage. It’ll also improve soil quality, increase biodiversity and actively remove carbon from the atmosphere as it grows.

As a landowner, I have a passion for creating new woodlands and improving currently under-utilised land for the benefit of both people and wildlife.

Protecting the Amazon rainforest in Brazil

Marajó Island sits at the mouth of the Amazon river and is one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. Our Green Futures tariff supports the Ecomapuà project, which keeps logging companies away from the area by providing more sustainable jobs for its people – like cultivating acai berries from native palms.

As well as selling the berries internationally to generate a reliable source of income, the waste from harvesting them can also be used as a renewable fuel source for the local community. And by protecting around 90,000 hectares of Amazon rainforest from deforestation, it’s estimated the project will reduce emissions by a massive 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 by 2032.

Our Green Futures tariff supports the Ecomapuà project.

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Our Green Future tariff has been given the gold accreditation by Uswitch – making it one of the greenest tariffs on the market. With 100% renewable electricity, completely carbon-neutral gas and support for these incredible projects, isn’t it time you switched? It only takes a few clicks.

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