A bright idea for John O'Groats

Bringing light to the darkest corner of the UK

Scottish Gas is helping John O’Groats prepare for the shortest day of the year by bringing some much-needed sunshine to the most northerly point of mainland Britain. On 21st December, John O’Groats will experience the nation’s shortest day, with the sun rising at 9am and setting at 3pm, leaving the locals with just 6 hours of daylight – that’s 2 hours less than London.

In preparation for the village’s darkest day, Scottish Gas has provided every household with special daylight bulbs to help keep residents one step ahead of the darkness.



As the days get darker, having a good night’s sleep gets harder

According to recent research by Scottish Gas, more than half of Scots say they feel less energetic as the days get darker, and 25% say they don’t sleep as well during the winter.

This information gave Scottish Gas their very own lightbulb moment.


Giving 300 homes a little extra light

Scottish Gas engineer, Lewis Tyronney, delivered the special daylight bulbs to residents of John O’Groats. Speaking about his delivery, Lewis said: “I usually visit homes to service and repair boilers. However, it’s been great to visit residents in John O’Groats to give them special daylight lightbulbs, which can enhance their well-being during these dark winter months.”

While visiting residents, Lewis also shared his expert advice on how to protect homes during the winter months including tips on boiler maintenance.



How does it work?

The full spectrum of light bulbs work to replicate the intensity and range of colours found in natural daylight, helping to alleviate the symptoms associated with darker days. The special daylight bulbs are also low-wattage LED bulbs, enabling households in John O’Groats to save energy by using them.


Stay one step ahead of winter

Any households in Scotland that want to stay a step ahead this Winter can get their boiler, electrics, heating and plumbing protected with Scottish Gas HomeCare, which means they can get their boiler serviced every year for less than 40p a day.


For more information visit: https://www.britishgas.co.uk/homecare


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