Energy Champions spread the word on ways to save energy and money

  • Working to help end fuel poverty
  • Joining forces with National Energy Action
  • A community partnership


Make way for the Energy Champions! A group of specially trained individuals ready to help you save money on your energy bill. So, who are these talented champs here to save the day?

As part of a community partnership between British Gas and National Energy Action (NEA), the Energy Champions have been given free training on easy ways to save energy around the home.

The Energy Champions have been going out and sharing their energy know-how with friends, family and neighbours to help lower their energy bills. The idea is simple. The more everyone knows, the more money they can save.

Victoria, one of Oldham’s Barker Street estate residents who received advice on how to be more energy savvy from one of our Energy Champions, says, “I didn’t understand much about energy before, and now know more. I’ve changed the times on my heating timer and can see how much electricity I use with the display monitor.”


So how did the idea of Energy Champions come about?

It all kicked off when British Gas partnered with the fuel poverty charity National Energy Action to create the Community Action Partnership.


What does this actually mean for people who are finding it hard to pay their bills?

Let’s start with NEA. NEA is a national charity that works in partnership with central and local government, fuel utilities such as British Gas, housing providers, consumer groups and voluntary organisations to ensure that everyone can afford to live in a warm, dry home.


So what about the Community Action Partnership?

Running for two years since April 2014, this is a £1.2 million programme – set up by British Gas and NEA  – that has worked closely with councils and other local partners to improve the lives of those in fuel poverty.


What kind of help is on offer?

NEA provides specialist training to local residents, encouraging them to spread energy saving tips to their communities. During free sessions, dedicated Energy Champions learn how to take simple steps to help save money on energy bills, such as making your home more energy efficient, dealing with fuel debt problems and understanding how to switch tariff.   

To find out more about NEA visit


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