Keeping you safe during your appointment

Keeping you safe during your appointment.

During the coronavirus outbreak, we’re taking extra steps to protect you and our engineers whenever they visit your home. At a time when things are constantly changing, it’s good to know we’ll be there when you need us.

And as Danielle Murray, Health, Safety and Environment at British Gas, explains, safety is our number one priority:

"We’re continually reviewing the latest official guidance and updating what we do and how we do it in line with that. We have a duty to ensure the safety of both our customers and our engineers and we’re utilising everything we can – from social distancing to PPE – to keep everyone safe on every appointment."

What can I expect when I book an appointment?

When you book

When you book over the phone, we’ll ask if anyone in your home is showing Covid-19 symptoms, shielding or vulnerable. If they are, we’ll let our engineer know that they’ll need to take a few extra precautions during their visit.

Before your appointment

On the day of your appointment, our engineer will call ahead to let you know they’re on their way and to check if anything has changed. Don’t worry if it has – they’ll still be able to continue as planned. They’ll just need to take some extra steps to keep everyone safe.

When we arrive

Before entering your home, our engineer will thoroughly wash or sanitise their hands – and at regular intervals during their visit. They’ll also put on disposable or protective gloves depending on the job. They may ask you to stay in a different room to the one they’re working in. But if that’s not possible, they’ll keep at least two metres away from you at all times – and they’ll ask everyone in your home to do the same for them.

Where you can, please open any doors and windows to make sure your home is as well-ventilated as possible during our visit.

Two-person jobs

If your job requires more than one engineer, they’ll only come together for tasks that need two pairs of hands. And if the nature of the job means they’re unable keep two meters apart, they’ll wear personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout their visit.

Extra precautions

If you or anyone in your home is shielding, our engineers will take a few extra steps to keep everyone safe – that includes wearing goggles and a respirator mask. And if you’ve told us that anyone in your home has Covid-19 symptoms, they’ll also wear a cover-all suit.

After the appointment

Once we’ve completed the job and you’re happy with the result, our engineer will remove and safely dispose of their gloves – as well as any other disposable PPE equipment they’ve used.

Worried you might need something fixed? Book an expert engineer.

Our engineers follow the latest guidance and will:

  • wash or sanitise their hands before entering your home – and at regular intervals during the appointment
  • wear face masks (unless they are medically exempt from doing so)
  • wear disposable or protective gloves as appropriate during the job
  • keep at least two metres away from you at all times

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