The Source blog. Four ways to Hive up your Christmas

So this is Christmas… It’s certainly not going to be the same this year, but we still want to help you make it as good as can be. We’ve put together some tips to help you get your home set up for the festive days ahead, save on stress, keep the magic alive for your kids and make your home as cosy as can be.

1. Stay cosy with a smart thermostat

If you’re with Hive then the chances are you’ve got Hive Active Heating. Christmas is a time when your trusty smart thermostat really comes into its own – keeping your heating just the way you want from your smartphone, whether you’re out for a walk or sitting on the sofa.

However, if you’re looking for the next step then it might be time to add Hive Radiator Valves. These let you set different temperatures in different rooms. You can keep your home office cool (so you’re not tempted back in there – it’s Christmas, you deserve a break), while keeping your kitchen and living room lovely and toasty.

And just remember, Christmas trees survive better when it’s a bit cooler. So, try and keep the temperature in that room between 16°C and 20°C.

2. Create your own smart Christmas tree lights

If you already have a Hive smart plug then how about adding it to your Christmas tree lights? It turns your normal lights into programmable Christmas lights you can control from the app on your smartphone – avoiding the daily battle with the baubles to reach behind the tree.

You can set schedules so they’ll come on at the same time each day, without you even needing to think about it. And if you haven’t got a smart plug yet – there’s still plenty of time to order one before you have to take your tree down!

3. Use smart lights as colour-changing Christmas lights

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without plenty of festive lights. But if you’re still recovering from the stress of untangling the tree lights, smart lights are a much simpler option for the rest of your home.

One fun family option is to swap some of your traditional bulbs for colour-changing smart lights. Our Hive lights screw straight into your existing light fittings and glow in 16 million colours. You can even link them up with your smart speaker for Alexa enabled Christmas lights the whole family can control. Pop on some Christmas classics and keep the kids amused with a festive disco.

4. Use smart sensors to spy on Father Christmas

Some more festive fun for the little ones: Hive’s smart motion sensors track movement and send an alert to your smartphone. Help your kids set one up in front of the fireplace before bedtime and you’ve got your very own ‘Santa Spy’ for them to check on Christmas morning.

Christmas tech crisis? Get it solved on screen by an expert

Why is it that it’s always at busy times like Christmas that technology decides to give us the run around? Well, don’t worry, we can help.

As well as providing tips and ideas, our Solved on Screen films [link to YouTube tutorial homepage] also explain how to fix simple maintenance issues. Watch British Gas’s latest YouTube Live, Solved on Screen, for advice from one of their expert engineers. Or look back at previous sessions to get step-by-step help. They cover everything from looking after your radiators to Hive thermostat problems, and are a great place to go when you need some advice or guidance.