The best of British Summer Time

Sunday 25th March marks the official start of British Summer Time in 2018. This means it’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to winter and ‘hello’ to summer. The clocks go forward, the nights get lighter and the days get warmer. Now that’s cause for celebration.

Here we look ahead to the very best of British Summer Time:

1. Bright nights

With the start of British Summer Time, the clocks go forward. This gives us all an extra hour of daylight to spend with the family, walking the dog, going on bike rides – doing the things we love.

You should also remember to check the timers in your home and make sure your lights only come on when you really need them.

2. Get set for garden days

The sunshine is on its way, which means you can start getting ready for summer days in the garden. Plant your summer-flowering bulbs, pull out any weeds, mow the lawn and give the garden furniture a wipe clean.

It’s also a good opportunity to trim back any overhanging greenery in your garden, so as much natural light as possible shines into your home, but make sure you don’t make any wildlife homeless.

3. Spring clean for a fresh start

When you’re done with the garden, you can think about sprucing up indoors. Vacuum, polish and shine your home, so you’re ready to make a fresh start for the new season.

This is also a handy time to look after your appliances. Defrost your freezer – it’ll be getting some regular use in the coming months – and book an appointment to check your boiler while you’re using it less intensively.

4. The great summer getaway

For many of us, it’s the high point of the season – the big summer holiday. Whether you prefer a cultural city break or a family trip to sunnier climes, it’s always good to take a break and relax.

And when you do go, remember to switch off and unplug your electronics – chargers, hair straighteners, electric shavers and more – for better energy efficiency. Of course, this excludes any away-from-home essentials, such as your DVR to record your favourite programmes and any Hive devices to secure your home.

5. Summer sport spectaculars

This summer promises a brilliant sporting line-up. It includes the annual British spectaculars – Wimbledon, the British Grand Prix and The Open golf tournament – as well as the global highlight, the international football championships.

Summer is also the best season for your own sporting pursuits, whether you like a jog in the park or (like Wilbur) a game of cricket on the village green.

6. Fire up the barbecue

When temperatures rise, you can start thinking about turning up the heat yourself. Summer barbecues are just around the corner, so there’s no time to lose in wiping down the grill and getting set to entertain your friends and family outdoors.

Summer barbecues are also a great way to give the oven a break and save on energy.

7. Day trips to the seaside

What says British Summer Time better than a day at the seaside? This summer, pack a picnic, grab your bucket and spade and get set for fun at the beach. Then top it off in classic style, with a tasty ice cream as the sun goes down.

8. Switching up your menu

The change of the seasons is an ideal opportunity for a change of diet. Out with slow-cooked winter warmers and in with crisp spring and summer salads. Not only does this encourage healthy eating, less gas and electric cooking also helps to cut down your energy usage.

9. Dance the day away at a festival

Festival season has become a fixture of the British summer calendar. Book your tickets now and look ahead to a day of fun in the sun. This is the season to embrace the open air, relive your favourite songs from old favourites and discover the most exciting new acts.

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