How smart meters will change the way you think about energy

  • Putting you in control
  • Say goodbye to estimated bills
  • Understand your energy use better than ever before


Smart meters are revolutionising the way we think about energy and our consumption of it, but the burning question is could they save you money?

The answer is – yes.


The good news is that British Gas is rolling out these clever pieces of tech to households as part of a nationwide upgrade by 2020. So, understanding your energy usage and ways to save money is about to become easy peasy.

Here are just six ways smart meters could benefit you.


1. Know what you spend

A portable smart energy monitor links to your smart meter and shows you exactly how much energy you are using in pounds and pence. The screen has a nifty traffic light system based on your energy usage and helps you work out which of your appliances use the most energy. The best thing about the smart energy monitor is that it gives you the opportunity to make changes around the home to help you reduce your energy bill. Quids in.

A British Gas engineer explaining how to work a smart meter to a customer

2. Bye-bye manual meter readings and estimated bills

Your smart meter automatically sends meter readings to your energy supplier, making estimated bills a thing of the past. Once your smart meter has been installed, there’s no need to wait for the meter reader to visit ever again – it’s all automated.


3. Tailored to you

The data that’s supplied from your smart meter helps inform an interactive online tool that gives detailed information on your energy use. You can see your likely spend across heating, hot water, lighting, cooking and other appliances. It comes with tailored advice and tips and you can track your energy use by day, week, month and year. You can even see how the energy you use compares to similar households.

Screenshot showing the breakdown of energy costs

4. Easy top-ups for Pay As You Go customers

We’re currently trialling smart meters for our Pay As You Go customers. This will give customers more convenience by allowing easy top-ups online, over the phone or with our smartphone app without having to insert cards or keys into meters. You’ll also be able to see your remaining balance on your smart energy monitor so you know when you need to top up.


5. Puts you in control

Our research has shown that 40% of smart meter customers have been encouraged to tackle energy-efficiency issues in their home since having smart meters installed, including double glazing and insulation.* A clear sign that knowledge is power if ever there was one.

A family using a smart meter

6. Time-of-use tariffs 

Time-of-use tariffs are currently being trialled by British Gas. These tariffs could help you save money by enabling you to use electricity at off-peak periods, like at the weekend. 9 out of 10 trial participants say they have made changes that they believe will reduce spend.* Watch this space.


* According to research on British Gas Smart Meter customers conducted by Network Research in 2013


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