What smart meters mean for your data

  • How do smart meters work?
  • Keeping your data safe
  • View your energy use in near real-time


You might have heard that your home will be undergoing some smart changes. By 2020, Britain will have moved from traditional gas and electricity meters to new and improved smart meters.

The smart meter roll-out is the biggest national infrastructure project undertaken in the last 40 years.

Smart meters collect energy consumption data to help you see the energy you use in near real-time, in pounds and pence, on your smart energy monitor. Smart meters only collect details of your energy usage, not personal data, using an encryption that’s even more complex than that used in internet banking so you can be assured your data is protected.

So, what does this mean for you? Accurate bills for a start. And don’t forget, it’s up to you to choose the frequency of readings that are sent from your meters – half hourly, daily, or monthly. If you choose half hourly or daily, the meters will still only send British Gas the data once per day at the most.


Find out more about upgrading to smart energy meters with British Gas.



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