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On the face of it, binge-watching countless episodes of The Walking Dead with a trolley load of junk food by your side doesn’t feel like a recipe for self-improvement. This article in Psychologies magazine, however, insists that box sets can be life-enriching. Whichever camp you sit in, the truth is that every box-set binge comes at a cost. And we’re not talking about the ‘just one more’ lack of sleep. 

So we set out to answer the big question – how much energy does it take to power a TV marathon? 

A recent study* by British Gas found that nearly three quarters of us admitted to regularly watching more than one episode in a row. The study revealed that over seven in 10 people watch more than one episode a time, with nearly a quarter stating it’s their favourite thing to do. Fear of missing out was also a factor for nearly one in five people. 

Britain's top 5 box sets infographic

With the rise of Netflix, Amazon Prime, All4 and Now TV, it’s not surprising that watching box sets is becoming the nation’s favourite pastime. In the UK alone, Netflix has more than three million subscribers – that’s one household in ten – according to TV industry analysts BARB. 

Game of Thrones was found to be the series most likely to make viewers watch more than one episode in a row. Luckily for fans of dragons and dastardly deeds, the series only uses £1.14** worth of energy, compared to £6.30** to catch up on The Simpsons back catalogue. 

Box set energy costs infographic

Sarah Scrivener, Smart Energy Expert at British Gas says: “Our smart meter data saw entertainment energy use peak in April last year, coinciding with the release of the most recent series of Game of Thrones. Box sets are becoming more popular than ever. With the upcoming release of the new series, we expect to see a spike in energy usage across the country.” 

And for those of you watching the latest GoT week-by-week, rather than as a box set binge, do remember the golden rule: no spoilers! 


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