How to save energy this school summer holiday

  • Enjoy refreshing showers after playing outside
  • Give some of your kitchen appliances a well-earned break
  • Learn the habit of switching off this holiday

Entertaining the kids at home all day during the school summer holidays can cause a spike in your energy bils. Between extra dinners cooked and the rise in TV and games console use, what you need are some expert tips to help cut your energy use. Step forward British Gas Smart Energy Expert Sarah Scrivener, who reveals her top 10 energy saving tips for reducing your bills when school's out. 


1.   Summer showers

Encourage the kids to take short showers rather than long baths – you could also invest in a shower monitor to keep an eye on how much hot water you’re using.

Young girl in the shower


2.   Cooling down

Encourage the kids to turn down the temperature dial and enjoy a cooler shower after running around the garden in the summer heat.


two young bpys kicking a football around in the garden


3.   Give the oven a holiday

Try and cook food in the microwave rather than in an electric oven. You're more than likely to save energy and using the microwave also keeps the kitchen cooler during balmy days.

food in a microwave with the door open


4. Try a solar-powered clothes dryer

Give the tumble dryer a well-earned break too, and get the kids involved with hanging the clothes out to line dry whenever you can. The summer sunshine will work its magic in no time.

clothes on a washing line


5. Switch off and unplug

Electric appliances left on standby can drain electricity. Remember to unplug the TV and devices like laptops or games consoles if you and the kids are leaving the house for extended periods of time, particularly before you go on holiday.

plugs in extension lead


6.   Turn off the taps

Make sure the kids always turn the taps off properly. A dripping tap is wasting uneecessary water. 

water dripping from a tap


7.   Stay cool by keeping the fridge closed

Ask the kids (and adults!) not to leave the fridge door open. Every time you open it, up to one-third of the cold air inside can escape.

kid drinking a glass of water looking in the fridge


8.   Keep the house clean

Get the kids involved with simple jobs like dusting, which can help to save money on your energy bills as accumulations of dust on appliances can reduce their energy efficiency.

mum and daughter cleaning coffee table together


9.   Plant a tree

Get the kids involved in gardening by planting a tree outside, which will help shade the house on hot summer days and keep it cooler.

hands patting down the soil around a newly planted pot plant


10. Get smarter about saving energy with smart meters

Trimming your energy bills is made even easier with smart meters (which send automatic readings to your energy supplier) that allow you to keep track of exactly how much gas and electricity you’re using in real time and which appliances are using the most. Get them to check it daily and see if you can work together as a family to reduce the energy used. It also tests their maths at the same time. Bonus!

smart meter on kitchen side


Published August 2016, all facts and figures correct at the time of publishing.

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