A traveller’s guide to the world’s most outstanding areas of natural energy

  • Travel the world’s most breathtaking natural energy sources, with these stunning pictures
  • Find out how hard it would be to stay standing up in the windiest place on Earth
  • Discover a vast crater in Turkmenistan that has been burning for over 40 years


If you love to travel, this is for you. And, whilst the word ’travel’ may conjure daydreams of sandy beaches, this guide is a little more adventurous. From geothermal ‘steam fields’ to a huge burning crater in the ground, take a look at seven of the planet’s most amazing areas of  natural energy. 

If you had the chance to go to one of these places, which would it be? Let us know in the comments below…


Published January 2017. All facts and figures correct at the time of publishing.

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