2016’s best home trends

  • Say hello to the new home hues
  • The kale that thinks it’s a sprout
  • Smart indoor gardening – perfect for absent-minded types


With 2016 upon us, we’ve asked leading home bloggers to provide their pick of the nine best gadgets, accessories and trends that will make their mark in our homes this year.


Penny Alexander from A Residence Blog

Penny Alexander from A Residence Blog

1. The health-changing kitchen gadget

“In the last few years we’ve seen a growing trend for gadgets to help us make food from scratch – from bread makers to ice cream blenders and smoothie machines.

In 2016, it’s going to be about making all kinds of butters. With so many people looking for sustainable health trends, creating your own means you can cut down on salt and sugar content, your dairy intake and pick healthier oil alternatives.

At home, my son lives on peanut butter, which can have lots of palm oil and sugar. With the Peanut Butter Maker by Smart Worldwide (£46.99 from Wayfair) we can make his favourite food at home together and I can keep an eye on his sugar intake.”

Peanut butter maker

2. 2016’s new superfood

“To keep on a foodie theme, I have just discovered the latest vegetable to hit our high street shops – the flower sprout – a non-GM hybrid of kale and Brussel sprouts. In 2015 I discovered kale, which my kids loved when crisped up in the oven, so the flower sprouts are a welcome addition to our family meal times.

Just 100g of flower sprouts contains double the vitamin B6 and vitamin C of normal sprouts; great for keeping mental function and mood high, and maintaining a good immune system. They taste like kale, without the bitterness of sprouts.

You can roast them, sauté them, grill them or use as nutty flavored salad leaves. Learn more about them here. Available from November to March at M&S, Waitrose, Aldi, Lidl and, very soon, in Sainsbury’s and Asda too.”

Flower sprout

Amanda Cottingham from The Ana Mum Diary

Amanda Cottingham from The Ana Mum Diary

3. New home hues

“Colour expert Pantone has highlighted two trend colours for 2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity – which have been blended together to create a new combination for our homes. Expect to see the high street awash with these tones, from wallpapers to paint shades to accessories.”

Pantone colours Rose Quartz and Serenity

4. The eco-friendly cable tidy

“There is one product I bought from IKEA when I was shopping that I’m very excited to start using it. It’s called Romma – a cable tidy. It’s going to help me to organise all those ugly cables, has two nifty USB ports (which you can never have enough of, in my opinion) plus an on/off switch so that things aren’t left on standby. So it’s going to help me be more neat and tidy, plus more eco-friendly too, for just £6.”

Cable tidy from Ikea called Romma

Karen Knox from Making Spaces

Karen Knox from Making Spaces

5. The smart thermostat

“I would love to have the latest Hive thermostat installed. I work from home but am constantly popping out to go to projects, or sourcing items for shoots and design work. I always forget to adjust the thermostat before I leave. 

It would be a fantastic addition to our home, keep my OH (my husband’s nickname) happy as he’s the money saver of the family and make sure we’re not wasting energy unnecessarily. I think every home should have one of these.”

Hive thermostat

Maxine Brady from WeLoveHomeBlog

Maxine Brady from WeLoveHomeBlog

6. New kettle technology

“Did you know that lots of hot drinks should be best served at different temperatures? That green tea should be at 95 degrees, for example, and hot chocolate at 75 degrees.

If you’re looking for the perfect brew, Miito is for you. Created by two students in the Netherlands, it’s an innovative product that heats only the amount of liquid you need, in any vessel you choose.

The steps are simple: fill your cup with water, place the cup on the induction base and place the rod in the liquid. The base then heats the rod, which in turn heats the liquid surrounding it to the exact temperature you set. It also stops you boiling too much water every time you make a cuppa. Set to launch very soon, you can reserve yours now for €189 (£137).”

Miito smart kettle

7. Hassle-free indoor gardening

“Last year saw a huge interest in indoor plants, with research suggesting they help to reduce stress. More unusual indoor plants such as succulents, cacti and large tropical plants have grown in popularity.

If you’re like me and forget to water plants, then you will love the Smart Garden which takes the unpredictability out of indoor gardening, so you get more plants with less effort. Just plug in this electric planter, add water, and let your garden take care of the rest.  

It uses innovative, natural, NASA-inspired technology to help plants grow faster. This means no pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, plant hormones, or any other harmful substances in your home. Each Smart Garden is reusable and has space for three plants. A wide variety of plant capsules are available for €59.95 (£43).”

Smart garden

Carole King from Dear Designer

Carole King from Dear Designer

8. Bring the outside in

“If you are thinking of decorating your home, look out for high-tech fabrics covered with flower gardens, blossom and blooms in giant proportions, creating a dreamlike world.

A personal favorite of mine is ‘Artemis’ by Elitis, a collection of oversized garden blooms on a lightweight, machine-washable linen, reminiscent of a Dutch masterpiece in oils. Perfect for rooms that overlook the garden as they bring the outside into the home.”

Artemis by Elitis

9. The ultimate bath experience

“In 2016 we are all going to start focusing on one of the most overlooked rooms in the home – our bathrooms. With life’s stresses, bathrooms have become our escape from it all – the perfect way to unwind, forget the journey home from work, and ignore the awful weather outside.

This year, homes are increasingly going to be furnished with the same type of baths found in high-end boutique hotels: large, deep and luxurious. Look to invest in a giant oversized bath, like this Harrison tub, (£429), that’s almost like a mini swimming pool. Perfect for the ultimate bathing experience."

Harrison tub

And there we have it, nine key ideas to keep your eye on in 2016. Which one will you be introducing in your home? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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