9 Things You Take For Granted (Until They Stop Working)

Let’s be honest, most of us have bigger things to think about than the boiler. We’re too busy with work, family, friends and life in general. But when things go wrong, wow, don’t we know it. So here’s a quick rundown of some of the unsung household heroes – the domestic essentials we rarely appreciate, but really can’t do without!

9 things you take for granted (until stop working)

The hot water

Whether you like morning showers or bedtime baths, a lack hot water can be really traumatic when it comes to cleaning. At this time of year, even washing your hands in cold water brings on a chill. And as for plunging your hands into a deep sink full to do the dishes? That doesn’t bear thinking about either! (Not to mention how hard it is to actually get anything clean!)


The heating

It might not be a problem in the summer (although there’s certainly no guarantee) but at this time of year? Brrrrrrr! You can put on a vest, a jumper and a fleece, sit under a blanket and still be shivering. Basic household tasks also become significantly harder when you’re wearing gloves – just try tying your shoelaces! Check out our HomeCare options to keep yourself covered.


The freezer

Here we have the opposite problem. In this weather, you can always keep things cool outdoors – for a little while at least. That won’t work in the summer. So you’ve not only got a broken appliance to worry about, you’ve got liquid ice cubes, melting lollies, soggy pizzas, and leftover lasagne thawing in the heat.

PS. We do HomeCare for appliances, too.

9 things you take for granted (until stop working)

The washing machine

There’s always the laundrette, it’s true. And getting a service wash back can really feel like a treat. But it all requires extra planning. You’ve got to pack it. You’ve got to transport it. Then you’ve got to go and collect it and pay for it! On the other hand, a new machine can cost anything between £200 and £1000.


The telly

With multiple devices in every house, streaming services, on-demand box-sets and YouTube on-tap, it’s easy to think the time of the TV is passed. But believe us, you’ll miss it when it goes! Whatever you’re watching, it’s just not the same settling down in front of a phone!


The drains

Now, the problem with blocked drains isn’t just the smell. It’s also everything they’re connected to. If your drains are blocked, you might not be able to use your sinks – and in the very worst-case scenario, the loo could be out of use too. Nobody wants to be in that position. This is one thing you definitely want covered.

The locks

You don’t realise how much you need them until they’re gone. Because when they’re gone, you can’t go anywhere. There are certainly worse places to be stuck than your own home, but it’s far from ideal. Need to go to work? You can’t. Need to pop to the shops? Not yet. Need to pick the kids up? Uh-oh. Think it’s time to call the locksmith, pronto!
9 things you take for granted (until stop working)

The device

Where would we be without our phones, tablets, phablets and laptops? And it’s not just what we do with them, but what we store on them that counts. Nowadays, few of us have physical photo albums or phone books, and our music and film collections exist only on our devices.  Luckily, some insurers offer cover specifically for downloads too. Nice.


The bike

If you’re a cyclist, you might know what it’s like to lose your bicycle. In a nutshell, it’s a pain. Your routines are disrupted – whether you cycle for work or for pleasure – and it can take twice as long to get anywhere. It can also be hard for those who share a home with a cyclist (or two). Suddenly, lifts to school, work and friends’ houses are in high demand.

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