The next generation British Gas app. Just for you

We've had some digital renovations done

We’ve got a shiny-new look app with new and improved features, plus loads more coming your way soon. How you use the app, and which features you’ll unlock will depend on the products and services you have with us:

Your energy, your way

Because you’ve got better things to do with your time than get a broken boiler fixed or work out how much you need to budget for your energy bill this month. We’ve put your British Gas account in the palm of your hand so you can stay on top of your energy accounts and keep your home running smoothly on the go, and without any fuss.

Keep an eye on how much energy you're using with a smart meter

Got a smart meter? Then you’ve already said goodbye to meter readings. But it’s inside the British Gas app where the smart meter really starts to strut its stuff. 

It’s a no-brainer that switching off the lights saves energy. But with a live feed between your smart meter and the app, you can see how much money you’re saving along the way and which appliances are using energy. You could save energy – and money.

Energy bills shouldn’t be a surprise

Set a monthly energy-spend target, using past trends to know how much energy you usually use at different points throughout the year. We’ll use the live updates from your smart meter to notify you if you’re close to going over budget, giving you time to adjust your target along the way. 

Not got a smart meter yet? Find out more here

Still got an “old school” energy meter?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Use the app to submit meter readings and set up a reminder so you don’t forget. The more often you send us a meter reading, the more accurate your energy bill will be. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever.

There’s an engineer in your pocket

Winter isn’t just coming, it’s here. The heating isn’t working and no hot water means a cold shower. No matter what’s thrown your way, you’ve still got to get out the door on time. That’s life. Luckily, you’ve got a British Gas engineer in your pocket.

If you’ve got HomeCare One, Two, Three or Four, you can book repairs in the app under ‘Services’. Fingers crossed you never need it, but if you do book a repair, you can use the app to change the date and time and give us the contact number of whoever is waiting in for the engineer on the day.

But let’s not wait for things to go wrong. We’ll send an engineer around once every 12 months* or so to check everything’s working just as it should. We’ll use the app to tell you when your annual boiler service is due, and you can pick a time and date that suits you.

Not got HomeCare? You’ll be able to buy cover in the app very soon. Until then, you can get a quote here

Your one stop tariff shop

You should always have the best energy tariff for you and your home. We’ll use the app to let you know when your tariff is up for review. And we’ve made choosing a new tariff (or keeping the one you’re on) as easy as logging in, having a browse and clicking a button.

Your digital personal assistant

Pay your bills, store your payment card details, change your Direct Debit, update your contact details. It’s all in there. We’ve even squeezed in all your statements, and your billing and transaction history. No need to keep that stack of bills in the filing cabinet any more!

We’re adding new features all the time

Soon you’ll be able to buy HomeCare cover and track the engineer on their way to your home. And if you haven’t already, sign up to our Rewards programme - it’ll be in the app before you know it.

You can download the app now

You’ll need to have a British Gas online account. If you don’t have one, you can register here.

British Gas App on the App Store

British Gas App on Google Play

Find out more on our website:

* Your annual service visits may be more than 12 months apart.

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