Grand Designs Live: Gadgets and tech for your home

  • Power walking – the floor that harnesses your energy
  • The laundry egg that keeps on giving
  • The energy efficient kettle that stays hot for up to 4 hours

London’s Grand Designs Live 2016 kicks off on 30 April – May 8 at London’s ExCeL, providing visitors with smart, inspirational home ideas. The annual event showcases the latest innovations in home technology. Here were some of our highlights from 2015 just to refresh your memory.


The floor that powers up as you walk

Floor that powers up as you walkNow you can generate energy while you walk, thanks to a smart tile from Pavegen that converts your footsteps into electrical power. The floor tiles use kinetic energy to power anything from mobile devices to your side lamp.


An insulated kettle that stays boiling for 4 hours

Vektra Eco KettleFancy a second cuppa? No need to put the kettle on again – the Vektra Kettle uses vacuum insulation to keep your water boiling hot for four hours. The kettle uses 30% less electricity than a standard kettle and stays cool to the touch.








Smart sockets connected to the cloud

Ego Smart Wifi socketDid you turn off your hair straighteners/telly/iron this morning? The Ego Smart Wi Fi socket allows you to remotely control any appliance in your home from an app on your mobile. The socket uses the cloud to store data and connect your appliances so that you can switch off devices left on standby for too long or activate anti-theft alarms. 


The clever laundry egg


Chemical-based laundry detergents can now be replaced with a smart, fragrance-free option – behold the Laundry Egg. The Egg 720 wash uses natural cleaning pellets that are held in an egg to remove dirt and prevent your clothes from fading. It costs £19.99, lasts three years and averages at 3p a wash, compared to around 12p per wash for a standard laundry capsule.


The mobile thermostat

Hive thermostat on mobileHeating an empty home wastes energy and money, that’s why Hive have come up with a thermostat that you can use to control your heating and water temperature (if you have a water tank) directly from your mobile, tablet or laptop.



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