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  • Why a detailed plan is essential for your move
  • Free online web apps to help plan the big move

Rahul Parekh

Rahul Parekh, production manager with event management specialist TBA, reveals some of his ultimate organisational tips.


Moving house is a big task so it’s natural to feel a bit overwhelmed when you start thinking about all the things you need to do. There are some simple things you can plan in advance that will make your move more manageable. Here are a few professional tips I’ve learnt over the years to help your move go smoothly.


Where do I start?

In my job I have to write a ‘scope of work’ before I start on a project. This is an overview of the whole project – a list of things that need to be done. List each stage of the moving task as you see it and then categorise it into logical groups like ‘garden’, ‘kids’, or ‘pets’. It’s helpful if you can group your tasks together to save time, effort, and money.

Refer back to your scope of work throughout the whole moving process and tick off tasks as you complete them.

If you like to be organised, web app Workflowy is great. You can make checklists, take notes, brainstorm, and collaborate with others about the move.

checklist of things that need doing


What’s your budget?

I always have a specific budget for my projects. Large or small, it helps to focus everyone’s efforts and gives you a sense of what’s going to be achievable and what’s not. Establish a realistic budget but allow a small contingency in case of unexpected expenses. Then make a list of all the costs associated with your move. Divide the entries in your list into ‘necessary’ and ‘nice to have’ categories. This will help you to prioritise, keep you focused and force you to make  smart  decisions  about  what  to  spend  your  money  on.

Young woman using a calculator to sort her finances


Focus on the detail in your plan

To make your move run smoothly, produce a detailed timeline or schedule. It involves plotting out every single stage of the move in as much detail as you can then allocating each task, no matter how small, the time it should take to complete. For example, you might allocate 20 minutes for coaxing your cat into their travel box so that they’re ready to go by the time you need to drive to your new home.

Not everything will go exactly as planned (which is why you also need to allow for a time contingency) but you should have a path to follow, like a detailed recipe. You should refer to it throughout your move but allow yourself to go slightly off course if you need to.

For reminders, try the web app Todoist. It works across various devices and its simple checklist style helps you to stay on your critical path.

two cats in wicker carriers


Visualise your furniture plan

I have to admit that my work spills over into my home life. I made a CAD (Computer Aided Design) plan of my whole house when I moved in so I knew where everything was going. This is an approach I use when dealing with professional venues and figuring out where stages and equipment will go ahead of time. Although it sounds complex, I recommend you do something similar: draw a plan of your new property and sketch out where everything will be placed when you arrive. Then plan where your furniture will go once you’re settled. You don’t need professional software, just pencil and paper, although there are some excellent free online tools like the free web app to help you plot everything out. Now is also a good time to think about designing your living room.

3D visual plan of how to layout a house


Draw up a team plan

Those closest to you will be your most valuable resource. It’s amazing how often you can get help from friends and family. Use of a van here, a load of cardboard boxes there – it all helps.

You’ll probably also need to hire professionals such as a removals crew with a lorry. Delegate specific tasks to individuals and make them accountable for completing them. Communication is key; Make sure everyone knows which tasks they are responsible for and what your plan for how it all comes together is. You can have everything planned out in your head but if nobody else has been informed they won’t be able to help you properly.

two friends sitting on a sofa in the back of a removal van


Good luck with your move. 


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