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As anyone with an ounce of common sense will tell you, predicting the future isn’t advisable. But when it comes to what the future of our homes could look like, few people are better placed to do some crystal ball gazing than Kass Hussain, Director of Connected Homes at British Gas.

Hot off the heels of the launch of Hive Active Heating™ 2 – a smart thermostat that lets you control your home's heating and hot water using an app on your phone, The Source caught up with Kass to find out what tomorrow’s home might hold.

"Hive Active Heating™ is about saving money and being efficient but it’s also about control. In the future, Hive technology will let you link a camera in your home with a presence sensor, flood detector, or the smoke and fire alarms and notify you when something needs your attention," he says.
Kass looking at newly designed Hive Active Heating 2A connected home is one that knows when you’re home, when you’re out and adjusts the environment accordingly. Think of it as your smart butler, picking up info from a number of sources.

"For instance, I’ve got a smartphone, it knows where I am and I can integrate it with Life 360 so it knows when I’ve got home. This could then trigger my alarm to deactivate and open the front door for me. It could even know I’ve walked in on my own, without my wife, so it plays the music at full pelt and gets my man cave ready for me to enter."
Hive Active Heating 2"I can explain connected products to you until the cows come home, but people don’t get it until they see it in action. Having the control to switch your heating on and off from your phone is not only more convenient but helps to save money too. The average customer could save up to £150 a year with a Hive thermostat."

And while the money saved, not to mention the eco-saving aspect of using less energy, is key, those who love beautiful technology will also be seduced by the thermostat’s sleek design. If you’re looking to start your jounrney into the world of the connected home, Hive Active Heating™ 2 is the perfect place to kick off.


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