Common questions: our customers ask about the cost of smart meters and energy monitors

Are smart meters free?

British Gas installs smart meters for free, so you don’t have to worry about an upfront cost. Just like the traditional gas and electricity meters you have now, the cost of smart meters is included under the ‘business operating costs’ section on your energy bill.

British Gas’ Dual Fuel customers who have smart meters, save about £32* on their energy bill a year, on average. As customers receive more personalised information using their smart meters, British Gas think that could lead to up to 5% of savings on customer energy bills over a year.  


How much will it cost to upgrade the nation to smart meters?

Government investment behind the national rollout is almost £11 billion. But between now and 2030, the benefit of the upgrade totals savings of nearly £17 billion. That means the nation’s overall savings will stand at around £6 billion**. Smart meters are an essential upgrade to an old system.


What is a smart energy monitor?

Smart meters come with a energy monitor. It’s a small, simple device linked to your smart meters, which shows how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence. Tracking energy usage in near real time will help you to keep an eye on your energy bills.


How much electricity does a smart energy monitor use?

The current British Gas smart energy monitor uses about 1 kwh per year. Based on current prices this is less than £1 over 12 months - a small cost compared to the savings that it can help you make.


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*In our recent sample of customers with smart meters paying by monthly direct debit (excludes discounts and standing charges), savings are estimated based on the application of the savings achieved by our smart meter customers to the average UK consumption at today’s prices.

**Source: Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy


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