5 energy efficient home technologies

From cars that park themselves to a worldwide web of information, there are many things we once thought weren’t possible. Here are five new technologies that could soon make your home a more energy-efficient place to live.

The waterless dishwasher
No water, no detergents, instead a dishwasher that uses sound waves to convert leftover food on the plates into a reusable compost. So in the future, doing the dishes could eventually lead to tasty home-grown vegetables.

A water-fuelled lamp
With this clever invention, you don’t turn lights on – you pour them on. The WAT Lamp uses a glass of water to run a hydroelectric battery that lights it up. No more switches, cables, sockets – just simple, portable lighting.

A self-cleaning toilet
Another water-saving invention is the solar-powered self-cleaning toilet.  Energy from the sun breaks down the waste and converts it into fertiliser and hydrogen. And without using any chemicals, the toilet even disinfects itself.

OLED TV – a greener way to go
Being ultra-thin and using Organic Light-Emitting Diode technology, OLED TVs are a greener way to watch your favourite programmes. They are 10 times sharper than most LCD screens yet use up to 40% less energy.

Nano is the new way to garden
If you don’t have a garden but love fresh home grown food, the Nano Garden could be the perfect solution. Taking up about the same space as a fridge-freezer, it’s like having a stylish mini-greenhouse in your kitchen.


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