Smart meter benefits


Smart meters are gas and electricity meters that make your life easier. But what advantages do smart meters give you compared to your old energy meters?

Your smart meters come with a smart energy monitor that shows you how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence. This will allow you to better understand the energy you use everyday and enable you to make better choices which could help you save money.

By keeping an eye on your smart energy monitor, you’ll be able to see exactly where and when you’re spending the most energy and take steps to reduce your consumption by adjusting your behavior to increase energy savings.

Say goodbye to estimated bills. Your smart meters automatically send us precise meter readings, so you’ll always only pay for the energy you’ve used.


With automated readings and real-time energy data at your fingertips, smart meters make tracking and managing your energy simpler and more convenient.

All British Gas customers will be eligible to claim their smart meters by 2020. These will be installed for free by British Gas’ specially trained smart energy experts.


Ready to upgrade to smart meters? Click here to book your smart meters installation and start saving today.

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