Smart meters and data security: your data is safe with us

  • Smart meters collect energy consumption data to ensure accurate bills
  • The data collected is kept safe and secure
  • Protecting your data is important to us

By 2020, all homes in Great Britain will be offered smart meter installations, replacing traditional gas and electricity meters as part of a government initiative to upgrade the existing system. Having smart meters in your home will make your life easier, as your meter readings will be automatically sent to us over a secure network, putting an end to estimated bills. So, you can be sure that you’ll only pay for the energy you use and all your data is safe and secure.


Smart meters data collection

Smart meters collect your meter reads and feed this back to your smart energy monitor to help you understand the energy you use. The monitors come free with the smart meters installation, and the readings are displayed simply, in pounds and pence, making it easy for you to see what you spend. 

Smart meters only collect details of your energy usage and never information about you, like your name, address, or bank details. British Gas use the information to provide you with accurate bills, and better insight about your energy use – so no more estimates or submitting your own meter readings. Just an accurate bill for the energy you've used.

You can choose if you want your smart meters to send us half hourly, daily or monthly meter readings. Of course, the more frequent the readings the more insight you’ll get.


Smart meters data security

Making sure you have a secure smart meter system is important to us, so if you’re worried about data privacy: Don’t be. Your data is private and made protected by using advanced encryption, similar to the encryption used in internet banking. Only energy data is ever stored on the meters and this is sent to us safely, using a dedicated, secure wireless network.


Your privacy

No-one can access your meter readings without your permission. We’ll never share or sell data from your smart meters – unless required to by law or regulation.

So that's smart meters – a secure way for us to receive your meter readings while giving you a better service. 


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