What happens on the day of the smart meter upgrade?


What to expect on the day of your smart meters installation

Thinking about getting gas or electricity smart meters? Here’s a guide to everything you can expect on installation day.


Who will be installing the smart meters?

Your smart meters will be installed by Smart Energy Experts, trained for 12 months at one of the special British Gas academies. These experts have already installed over four million smart meters across Britain, so you can be assured of their expertise and experience.


What happens on the day of my smart meter installation?

On the day of your smart meter installation you’ll get a phone call or text to let you know your Smart Energy Expert is on the way.


Do I need to be at home while my smart meters are being installed?

Yes, we need you to be home during the installation. The Smart Energy Expert will need to carry out safety checks and turn your power supply off before they start work-but it won’t be off for long. Once the smart meters have been installed, they’ll give you a demonstration of your free smart energy monitor , and show you how to get the most out of your smart meters. Plus, they want to help you save on your bills so will share tips on how to be more energy efficient.


How long will the smart meter installation take?

The whole installation will last around two hours for a gas and electricity installation, or just one hour for an electricity-only install, leaving you free to get on with your day.


Do the smart meters connect to my Wi-Fi?

Smart meters don’t connect to Wi-Fi. They send your meter readings back to us via a secure wireless network similar to your mobile phone network.


Will I need access to the smart meters after they have been installed?

It’s unlikely. One of the reasons why smart meters will make your life easier is because they’ll automatically send us your meter readings. That means accurate bills and no more scrabbling around in awkward places to take your meter readings. They also come with a smart energy monitor, that will show you how much you’re spending on gas and electricity as you use it.


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