Smart home trends from the world’s biggest tech show

  • Walls that think
  • Floors that sense
  • A fridge that tells you what to have for dinner


Future homes will be built from the ground-up with walls that think, floors that sense, and bulbs that recognise both occupancy and time of day. For those looking to bring that level of smart home technology into their current abode, let’s take a look at the innovations spinning out of the year’s most expansive technology show.


SmartyPans intelligently tracks the foods you cook

Most fitness fans will be satisfied with the health data collected from a wrist-worn tracker like the Fitbit, but those more serious about their health have a habit of logging their food intake through a variety of apps. SmartyPans’ connected pan takes it a step further, allowing you to vocally tell a smartphone app which ingredients you’re adding, while using the pan’s weight and temperature sensors to document nutritional data and create shareable recipes.




Perfect’s app-controlled smart bartending system

Adding smart elements to your home is often done to save energy and feel more secure, but who’s to say you can’t have a bit of fun as well? The Perfect Drink Pro is an intelligent bartending system that relies on a connected scale and app to pour and mix the perfect beverage regardless of your bartending skills.



Samsung’s latest fridge has a giant touchscreen and interior cameras

The smart fridge has long been regarded as something of a gimmick in the connected home arena. This product could well change that. Not content with simply keeping food chilled, Samsung’s connected Family Hub refrigerator boasts a gargantuan 21.5-inch touch panel on the outside that’ll serve as a recipe board as well as an intelligent minder of what foods you have and which you need to buy.



A kitchen that recognizes your face (and tastes)

Currently, those sharing a kitchen have to brew different batches of coffee to suit different tastes, and if you aren’t careful to readjust the toaster setting, you may wind up with a slice that’s a bit too charred. digitalSTROM has introduced software that would add facial recognition to common kitchen items, enabling you to program those devices to always prepare food and drink to your liking.



A bed that tracks your slumber to make sleeping easier

Ever wonder why you toss and turn at night? Soon, Sleep Number will launch a bed that stands a good chance of answering that for you. The bed is loaded with sensors capable of tracking your movements during sleep, breathing patterns, and heart rate. Once collected, it’s able to make suggestions on how to tweak the bed’s settings to best align with your body.




You point, and the vacuum cleans

It’s any homeowner’s dream come true – a robotic vacuum that not only cleans the floor for you, but will spend extra time in areas where you dictate. The new HOM-BOT Turbo+ utilises an accompanying app, which allows owners to photograph particularly dirty areas with their smartphone. The vac then seeks out those spots and works overtime to get it clean, while you kick back and watch Netflix.



Hive, a symphony of connected home devices

The connected home is a place that feels secure and effortless. Hive begins at the thermostat, enabling you to easily adjust your home’s temperature and water heater. Hive products will soon branch out to smart plugs and motion sensors, allowing everything that’s electric in your connected home to work better and smarter. The end result is a smarter home that helps you save money and puts you in total control.



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