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Home technology tops Brits’ wish lists when it comes to their everyday lives, according to a survey by British Gas. Of the 2,000 people who responded, 56% said they’d welcome systems such as Hive in their home – which allows users to control their heating remotely via the internet – while just 25% thought that much hyped wearable tech items like Google Glass would make their lives easier.

Controlling your heating from your phone would have been unthinkable five years ago and scientists are now predicting further possibilities for the homes of the future – from self-cleaning wardrobes to roll-up TVs and domestic robots that do your housework.

But what do we love about today’s home tech, and what are some of the things we really don’t miss about the domestic set-up of yesterday?

The best

The power shower
Massage settings, steady temperature and a flow so strong it could burst a balloon. Thank you, clever thermodynamic engineer types.

TV remote control
Making those arguments about whose turn it was to get up and switch from Eastenders to Corrie a thing of the past.

Wirelessly controlled heating
No more wrestling with complex boiler timers, plus the ability to change your heating set-up as often as you change your socks. Handy.

Forget Relate, this is (probably) responsible for saving more relationships than any amount of counselling. Whose turn is it to do the dishes? No one’s! Let’s retire to the lounge and eat chocolate!

The worst

Upright Hoovers
Before Dyson came along, we had to deal with clunky equipment and dusty bags. Today’s vacuuming is, if not exactly a pleasure, no longer the chore it was.

Wiring plugs
It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when ordinary, fallible human beings were entrusted with potentially deadly wiring. Yes, we may have lost an essential life skill now that every product comes with a plug, but Christmas mornings are no longer the nerve-shredding experience they once were.

Phone cords
No one ever owned up to twisting the cord when they were on the phone but, within weeks of buying a new phone, the lead would be so tangled that the whole thing would come crashing off the table every time you picked it up.

Outside toilets
A hen’s teeth rarity these days, but something that will spark a shiver of recognition with readers of a certain vintage. No rose-tinted specs can mask the memory of a sub-zero visit to an outdoor loo.


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