Our policy

Many internet users with disabilities find websites difficult or even impossible to use simply because of the way they are designed. Across the Centrica group we are working hard to provide services and products that are helpful to all our customers, and this goes for our websites, too.

This website has been designed to be as accessible as possible and to be compatible with the types of adaptive technology used by people with disabilities, including screen readers.

As such visitors can control the size of the text, the colours and the stylesheets.

Font sizes

You may change the font size of this document to your preference through your browser. In Internet Explorer, select View, then Text Size, and then your preferred size. In Netscape select View, then Text Zoom, and then your preferred percentage size.


You may import your own stylesheet into this website. In Internet Explorer select Tools, then Internet options, and then Accessibility. Next click on any or all of the three checkboxes to ignore colours, font styles or font sizes. In the same window you can change your style sheet by clicking the checkbox that says, 'format document using my style sheet' then simply browse to your style sheet and click ok.

In Netscape select edit, then preferences and then appearance. You will then be given the choice to specify your own colours and fonts.