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How much do floodlights cost clubs
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As a multi-billion pound business with eye-watering £86 million player transfers and £5.5 billion TV rights deals, it is easy to forget about the more mundane business energy prices associated with running a Premier League football club – such as lighting the pitch.

Keeping the lights on

The Premier League handbook is strict on the lighting levels required stating a stadium’s floodlights must produce at least 500 lux at any location on a 120m x 90m pitch to meet the demands of evening matches, television broadcasters, players and spectators.

According to Thorn Lighting People, four 25-metre columns with a total of 48 lamps, each shining at 2kW, should provide the Premier League with a lighting standard.

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Each column has a combined power of 96kW. If they’re on for 3.5 hours per match, they will use 1,344kWh energy.

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Stadium floodlights have the equivalent power of 5,485 standard 0.07kW tube lights in an office.

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If a small office uses tube lights with a total power of 1.26kW, the floodlights will use the same business energy as 18 left on for 44 days straight.

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If the floodlights were on for 8 hours straight, it is the equivalent to the same office lights being on for around 128 days.

Lighting the stars could build cars

One club’s floodlight power during a match could:


Boil a 2kW kettle for a month


Chill food in a 3kW catering refrigerator for 18 days


Power a 3.5kW photocopier non-stop for 16 days

Imagine what could be done with a whopping 510,720kWh of power used by all clubs across 380 matches in the season – for example, it takes 20,000 million joules (5,555kWh) to make and build a car. Therefore the Premier League’s combined floodlight energy for a season could produce 92 cars!


Electricity costs 15.32p per kWh, so the cost of lighting one football match is £205. Over a season a club will play 19 home games and use 25,536kWh energy in floodlights at a cost of £3,912. With over 380 matches across the entire league, this price balloons to a massive £78,242.

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