Get accurate bills with an electricity smart meter for your business*

What's a smart meter?

A smart meter is a meter that automatically sends us your meter readings securely, meaning you don’t have to.

The government wants all UK businesses and homes to have a smart meter by the end of 2020. 

Read more about the targets in’s Smart meter implementation programme.

Currently, around 50% of our business customers have an electricity smart or advanced meter1.

Click here to ask for an electricity smart meter to be fitted.  You’ll need some details from your bill to complete the form.

If your meter can’t be accessed, or if there are other technical problems, we may not be able to fit a smart meter.  Our installers will explain any problems when they visit your site.

The benefits of having a smart meter

  • Automatic meter readings - sent securely from you to us*
  • Accurate bills – we’ll have your latest reading so no more estimated bills*
  • Manage costs - we may be able to help you find ways to save energy and lower your costs


What happens when you install my smart meter?

  1. For your meter to send data to us there needs to be a good mobile signal. This isn’t always possible, but we’ll carry out a test and tell you during the installation if the signal isn’t strong enough.
  2. It’ll take us around 1 hour to fit the new smart meter and your electricity will need to be turned off.
  3. Our engineer will record the final reading on your old meter and take a first reading from your new smart meter.
  4. We’ll aim to have your next bill sent to you with your new meter details and with an actual reading.  The date on which you get the updated bill will vary depending on when in the month you have your installation.


We'll always:

  • Make an appointment with you in advance & at a time to suit your business.

  • Aim to minimise any disruption.

  • Tell you if there’re any technical issues and we can’t install your smart meter. Our engineer will explain the alternative options.

Poor signal strength

*On occasions, we may not be able to receive your smart meter readings due to things like poor signal strength.  In these cases, we may have to send you an estimated bill or ask you to take a meter reading.

What you can do to help us 

  • Please clear the area where your old meter is situated so that it’s easy to access.
  • Unlock doors if your old meter is in a cupboard - our engineer can get to work straightaway.
  • Turn off any electrical equipment like alarms or computers, so they’re not affected when your electricity is turned off.
  • Tell us if there are times and days when the installation would be more convenient and minimise disruption to your business.

Our smart meter promise

We're committed to helping all our business customers benefit from smart meter technology as early as possible. 

Read our Smart meter promise:
Smart customer promise (pdf 75kb)

Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice

This policy puts your needs at the heart of the programme. To review the latest policy, read the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice website (973kb)

1More than 50% of British Gas Business customers have either a ‘Smart’ or ‘Advanced’ meter. Some business customers could receive an advanced meter, which also meets the government’s requirements.