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We want to help your business use less energy and save money. The first step to doing that is getting a smart meter.

Over the next few years, all homes and businesses will be able to have one fitted. The meters are ‘smart’ because once you’re connected, they send us your meter readings directly. So your bills accurately reflect what you’ve used, rather than being estimated.

Upgrading to a smart meter is simple and it’s free. Appointments are available between Monday and Friday, 8am to 6pm.

You’ll be able to choose a four-hour appointment window for the smart meter engineer to visit. They’ll be with you for about an hour.

And you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared for the power to be switched off for around 40 minutes.

Once installed, the engineer will also talk you through how the meter works and how to understand the visual display. And that’s it!

No fuss, no cost and no more estimated bills.

Join over 300,000 British Gas business customers nationwide benefiting from smart meters by arranging your smart switch today.

Go online, and complete the form at


What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is a gas or electricity meter that works by sending meter readings to us via a SIM card in the meter, just like a mobile phone. Once you’re connected you don't need to send us meter readings and you'll receive accurate bills. This means you’ll only pay for the energy you use.


Why upgrade your business electricity meter?

  • It’s free to upgrade to a smart meter
  • Saves time as you won’t have to send any meter readings
  • Once your meter is connected, you’ll receive accurate bills
  • See your energy use and spot savings by signing up to Business Energy Insight


Why are smart meters being installed?

Smart meters help you to control your energy use and get rid of estimated bills. It’s all part of the Government’s commitment to reduce Great Britain’s energy use by offering every home and business a smart meter. The Government wants us to install smart meters for all of our customers by 2020.  You can visit for more information on the government target.

We’ve signed up to the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP). Find out more about SMICoP


How can I upgrade my business electricity meter to a smart meter?

Fill out our Get a smart meter form to let us know you’d like to upgrade. We’ll get in touch to book an appointment that suits you.


Why can’t I upgrade my business gas meter?

Gas smart meter upgrades are only available for certain types of meters. We’ll get in touch with you once we can upgrade your meter.