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Charging solutions for your electric vehicle, at home, from £350[1].

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Making electric vehicle charging simple

At British Gas, we're experts in supplying safer, more convenient and effective ways to charge electric vehicles at home.

Thanks to the Government's subsidised funding scheme, British Gas is offering electric vehicle users in mainland UK the option of having a charging point installed at home for just £350[1]

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Charging points from £350[1]

Our limited time offer[1] includes

  • A 16 Amp data-enabled charging point (4.5m connector cable) with a recommended connector that’s most suitable for your own specific vehicle, giving you faster [2] and more convenient charging at home.
  • Home suitability survey and data enabled charging point installation. Survey and standard installation is undertaken by a fully-trained and certified electrician on the same day for your convenience.
  • Installation of a dedicated circuit, separate from your home electrical circuit, allowing for faster [2] and safer charging that won't affect your home electrics.
  • Three year data enabled charging point warranty [3] and three year parts and labour warranty [3].
  • Charging point installed to IET industry guidelines.

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Is my home suitable?

We need to make sure your home meets a few requirements before we can install a charging point

To receive this offer you'll need:

  • To provide evidence of ownership of, or access to, a plug-in vehicle in order to be able to qualify for the government's subsidised funding scheme.
  • Off-street parking.
  • Suitability of the proposed site for the installation services, the electrician will advise on this.
  • A suitable O2 data network connection, which will be tested by the British Gas electrician. This is to enable the charging point to meet criteria stipulated by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV). If this is not possible you will be offered a non-data-enabled charging point and advised of any cost involved as these are not covered by the government’s subsidised funding scheme.
  • Permission from the homeowner or landlord if you don't own the property.
  • If the charging point is to be located in a garage, the garage must be physically attached to the main building unless it has its own power supply with sufficient capacity to support your 16A or 30A rated charger.

These are a few examples of what we’ll need to check to assess your eligibility. See the terms and conditions for the full list.

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Frequently asked questions

Q. Why do I need a charging point?

A: A British Gas charging point will provide safer, easier and faster[2] charging on a dedicated circuit. Charging from a standard 3-pin plug socket unless it is on a dedicated circuit is not recommended by us, our partners or the industry. As you can only charge at up to 13 Amp using a 3-pin plug socket, many charging points provide faster[2] charging, and remove the inconvenience of having to retrieve your cable each time.

Q. What’s the installation process for my electric vehicle charging point?

A: We endeavour to visit you within 15 working days (20 days for non mainland visits) from the point we first speak to you, if that is suitable for you. We endeavour to complete all installations and surveys in one day. A full installation will usually be completed within a day (between 9am-5pm). We do need you to be present at the property, or someone nominated by you.

Q. What do I need to have a British Gas electric vehicle charging point installed?

A: You need to own, or have access to a plug-in vehicle and be able to provide proof of this to OLEV to qualify for the funding, and subsequently our offer. You don’t need to own your property to have a charging point installed but if you lease your property or premises you might need to get consent from your landlord.
You may need remedial work like a new isolation switch, an earth plate or ground works and we can arrange these for you. Unfortunately, the additional costs these works may incur will not be subject to the 75% funding and will be quoted to you directly.
You won't require an internet connection as the charging point uses a built-in O2 SIM card to connect via GPRS. If British Gas discovers there is not a suitable O2 data network connection at any location around your property during the survey, unfortunately we will not be able to fulfil the subsidised offer[1]. Your British Gas electrician will advise you of alternative non data-enabled charging point solutions which do not require GPRS connectivity. This may be a non data-enabled 16 Amp or 30 Amp charging point. Please contact us on 0800 980 8175[4] or email for more information. Phone lines are open 9am-7pm Mon to Fri (excluding Scottish public holidays).See the terms and conditions for full details.

Phone lines are open 9am-7pm Mon to Fri (excluding Scottish public holidays). Calls may be recorded and/ormonitored for quality assurance and compliance purposes.

[1] This offer is subject to availability and any proposed offer end date will be published in advance. To find outwhat's included in this offer, refer to the frequently asked questions section. This offer is only valid in mainlandUK and excludes the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. This offer is for eligible customers under the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme only. See our full terms & conditions for full details, including eligibility requirements and exclusions. The OLEV scheme is currently due to end on 31 March 2015 but we reserve the right to withdraw our offer at any time or to extend it.

[2]Charging times assume the battery is charged constantly at the max rate with 100% efficient charging.Calculations based on using a 16 Amp charging unit compared to a10 Amp 3 pin plug socket. Actual chargingtimes depend on a vehicle’s charging cycle, the size of the electric vehicle battery and the charging current(amps) of the charging point.

[3] Chargemaster products, including all components and accessories shall be fully guaranteed against all defectsarising from faults in design, manufacture and workmanship for a period of 36 months from delivery ofcharging points/s. Anything else is excluded. Applies to mainland UK only.You can get advice about your rights from a Citizens Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Department.

[4] Calls may be recorded and/or monitored for quality assurance and compliance purposes.