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We’ll get your property up and running with meters, electricity, gas and more. If you want meters for commercial premises, please visit our business site.

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Builders and Developers

Getting your new properties plugged in

We know it's complex to get energy supply arranged for a new build home, so we provide a bespoke service for residential property developers and private homebuilders.

  • For private homebuilders and property developers who build less than 100 homes per year, we have a dedicated team of experts who will take care of you throughout the process whenever you need them. You can get in touch with them on 0333 202 9580 1

  • For large developers, we'll arrange a personal key account manager to co-ordinate your energy connections across your developments. We recommend you speak to them directly to arrange supply and metering installations.

The new energy connections process

There are four key steps to getting a new build property on energy supply and ready for a new homeowner to move in.

Gas and Electricity Supply Connection

We can get your gas supply connected

Our direct service provides everything you need for gas only connections. We design, plan and install everything you need to get your gas up and running.

From quote to implementation, we go above and beyond to make the whole process of getting gas pipes to your homes simple and manageable.

Get the ball rolling by either sending the email application below or calling us today. We'll happily answer any queries you may have.

Electricity only connections

For electricity only connections, contact your local distribution network operator (DNO) to get your new energy supply connected. They'll confirm the timescales with you and give you a Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) on completion. Once you're connected, contact us and we'll arrange a new electricity meter installation for you.

You can find out who your DNO is, and how to contact them, by entering your postcode on the Energy Networks Association's postcode search tool.

Email application

Complete an application form

Gas Supply Application Form (PDF 228kB)

Send it on to us at and attach your site location plan, site boundary drawing and scaled site plan.

Get in touch

Or simply get in touch by sending us an email and we'll be happy to walk you through what you need to do to get your application processed.

Gas and Electricity Meter Installation

Meter installation only

If you need a meter for a new property as you’ve already arranged your new energy supply, call us on 0333 202 9580 1

You'll need following information to hand

  • Your address and postcode
  • Your Gas Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN)
  • Your Electricity Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) from your local network

Do you have your meter point numbers?

Meter installation appointments can't be booked without the MPRN and MPAN details for the property. Contact your local distribution network operator (DNO) if you don't have your meter point number.

Smart Meters in new properties

We’ve already installed smart meters in over 6 million homes and businesses, and now we’re helping developers get them into new builds, too.

Where eligible, we'll fit your properties with the latest smart-meter technology.

Managing your appointments

Because we offer a bespoke service for new metering connections, if you need to change, amend or manage your meter installation appointment please call the dedicated team on 0333 202 9580 1

Your Energy Accounts

We'll set up gas and electricity accounts for the properties when the meters are installed, in the builder or developer's name.

You’ll be billed as normal while the property is under development and we'll send paper bills to your nominated correspondence address. Payment instructions will be on your bill.

To avoid estimated bills, it’s important that you submit meter readings. You don’t need to login to submit readings online. Just have your account number and meter readings at the ready. You can also call us with your reading and submit it using our easy automated service.

For large developers we have a consolidated billing process that we can offer to make it easier to manage your administration. Just contact your Key Account Manager to find out more.

It's really important that you keep us updated on the property details and notify us when the home is sold , so that you only get billed for the period you're responsible for the property. This ensures the new homeowner will enjoy a smooth moving in experience.

Home Handover

Once you're ready to hand your properties over to the new homeowners, we have a dedicated team to help you complete the change of ownership on your accounts.

You'll need your meter point number

After you've notified us

Once we've received your notification of change of ownership, we'll start the home handover process. You'll receive your final bill within 14 days of us processing the change of ownship and the new homeowner will receive their welcome pack within 5 days.

Notification form

To notify us of a handover of one or more of your properties, download and email a copy of our handover form to

MH Handover Form (XLS)


Helping you settle into your new built home

Moving into a newly built property is exciting. We want to help you get up and running quickly and smoothly.

Let us know you're moving into your new home

It’s quick and easy to set up a new British Gas account when you move. If British Gas already supplies your new home, just set up an account in your name. If we’re not the current supplier, get an energy quote from British Gas.

Set up a new account

Help with new build energy connections

Your new build property address isn't being recognised

Sometimes there can be a delay or issues with your new property's address being recognised. If you're experiencing problems with this, please call us on 0333 202 9802 1

Request a new gas meter to be installed

We can help you book a new gas meter installation if:

  • you have an existing occupied home which needs a gas meter (e.g. the property has upgraded from oil or electric heating to mains gas).
  • the property has a live Meter Point Reference number (MPRN). Meter installation appointments can't be booked without the MPRN. Contact your local distribution network operator (DNO) if you don't have your meter point number.
  • you want to book the meter for an account that will be in your own name.
  • If your circumstances match all the above then give us a call on 0333 202 9816 1 and we'll get that arranged for you.

We offer Credit and Pay As You Go meters. You may be subject to a credit check if you want a credit meter installed at the property.

Request a new electricity meter to be installed

We can help you book a new electricity meter installation if:

  • it's a new-build property requiring its first ever electricity meter installation or you need an additional electricity supply for a swimming pool or garage for example.
  • the property has a live Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN). Meter installation appointments can't be booked without the MPAN details for the property. Contact your local distribution network operator (DNO) if you don't have your meter point number.
  • you want to book the meter for an account that will be in your own name.

If your circumstances match all the above then give us a call on 0333 202 9580 1 and we'll get that arranged for you.

We only offer Credit Smart meter installations for standard domestic metering. We don't offer Pay As You Go meters for these circumstances.

Providing us with new build meter information

Sometimes we may not have received all the information needed to set up your account from the builder or developer.

To get your account set up smoothly we may ask you to provided some additional details about your meters and supply point. You can let us know your meter serial numbers, Meter point numbers (MPAN/MPRN), and meter installation dates by contacting us on 0333 202 9580 1

Getting help with other metering issues

Upgrading to a smart meter

If you're already with us

Smart meters are self-reading gas and electricity meters that show how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence – so it’s easy to keep an eye on how much you’re spending. Upgrade and book an appointment today

Prefer to Pay As You Go? It’s easy to upgrade to our smart Pay As You Go meters.

Not a British Gas customer yet?

To get a smart meter from us, we need to supply your energy. So why not get a quote today?

Faulty meters

If you have a faulty meter please visit our help and support page for advice and contact details of what to do next.

Meter removals

There may be occasions where you may want to stop your gas or electric supply. These include:

  • On a temporary basis - for example, if you're having building work carried out at the property.
  • On a permanent basis - for example, if the property is being demolished. This can include removal of the service pipes (you'll need to liaise with your transporter in order to arrange).
  • 0333 202 98021

Additional information

  1. Telephone lines are open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.