Gas & Electricity. New connections for new homes or renovations

If you're renovating or building new properties, we’ll get you up-and-running with meters for your electricity and gas supplies.
If you’d like meters for commercial premises, please visit our business site.

New connections for housing developers

For housing developments we’ll get each plot registered, connected and metered, and assist with a smooth handover once the homes are sold.

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New connections for home or self-build projects

For self-build projects or meters to your own home we’ll work with you to get your meter installed and set up your energy supply account.

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Getting help with other metering issues

Upgrading to a smart meter

If you're already with us

Smart meters are self-reading gas and electricity meters that show how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence – so it’s easy to keep an eye on how much you’re spending. Upgrade and book an appointment today

Prefer to Pay As You Go? It’s easy to upgrade to our smart Pay As You Go meters.

Not a British Gas customer yet?

To get a smart meter from us, we need to supply your energy. So why not get a quote today?

Faulty meters

If you have a faulty meter please visit our help and support page for advice and contact details of what to do next.

Meter removal or disconnection

There may be occasions where you may want to stop your gas or electric supply. These include:

  • On a temporary basis - for example, if you're having building work carried out at the property.
  • On a permanent basis - for example, if the property is being demolished. This can include removal of the service pipes (you'll need to liaise with your transporter in order to arrange).
  • 0333 202 98021


Requesting your gas meter to be capped

If you have electric heating and cooking installed in your home, and have no existing or future use for gas supply to your home, your gas meter can be capped, in doing this you will no longer need to pay a standing charge for maintaining the gas connection but you will still need to pay standing charge for your electric meter. To arrange for your meter to be capped, follow the steps:

  1. Contact us or the energy supplier for the property in question. Energy suppliers are responsible for gas meters and are required to cap the gas meter if requested.
    1. You may be asked few additional questions about their circumstances, and whether you require a temporary pause in supply, or a permanent cap. We will also need to ask you the location of the meter to assess whether the supply can be capped at the meter, or if the supply between the street and the house needs to be removed completely (see Step 3).
  2. The work will then be booked in with an engineer on the next available date.

  3. In some cases, further work may be needed on the site to remove the gas supply from the street to the home, which requires digging up the connecting pipework. This can be for safety reasons, at the request of the customer if they intend to restructure the house, or in other circumstances.
    1. If this work is required immediately, you will need to contact your local Gas Distribution Network Operator (GDNO) to arrange for the work to be carried out, and discuss any charges (you can find your GDNO on Ofgem’s website. Charges will vary depending on the GDNO and the circumstances, but note that these can be up to £2,000.

    2. Around 12 months after the meter has been capped, the local GDNO is required to complete a follow-up assessment, they will assess the situation and may decide to remove the supply from the street to the home.

Tenants in private rented properties or social housing should speak to their landlord or managing agent regarding having the gas supply capped.

Additional information

  1. Telephone lines are open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm.