Solar savings on your bills

Get the free Hive Solar Saver add-on and save up to 25%1 on your electricity usage.

You can also earn by selling energy to the Grid with Export and Earn Plus, our smart export guarantee tariff.

How do I apply?

Solar energy powered by Hive

You'll need to have solar panels or a battery installed by our solar partners between 22nd May 2024 and 30th September 2024 or with a quote accepted before 30th September 2024.1

An invitation

After your installation, you’ll receive an email from Hive with details on how to apply.

To be a British Gas customer

You'll also need to be on our new system, with a supply to the same address as your solar or battery.

Not a British Gas customer?

You can only enjoy this add-on if you get your electricity from British Gas. If you’re not with us, it’s easy to join.

Get a quote

A smart meter

If you don't have one, we can arrange a free installation.

To pay for your energy by Direct Debit

If you don't, you can easily set up one up in your account.

When will I receive my credits?

Your payments will be applied to your next electricity bill and will appear as ‘Hive Solar Saver Credit’. If you would like to change your billing cycle, you can chat online with one of our friendly advisers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m on your new system?

If you’re on our new system, your account number will start with the letter ‘A’ or ‘BGX’. Unfortunately, if you’re on our old system, you won’t be able to get Hive Solar Saver.

Do I need to be a British Gas customer?

You need to get your electricity from British Gas to sign up for the add-on. You can use any supplier for your gas.

I already have solar panels, can I apply for the Hive Solar Saver?

This offer is only available to new customers that purchase solar or battery from Hive between the 22nd May 2024 and 30th September 2024.

I’m on an EV/TOU tariff, am I eligible for Hive Solar Saver?

You can sign up for Hive Solar Saver if you are on a time-of-use tariff such as Electric Driver or an Economy 7 tariff, however, you’ll only receive the 25% discount on your electricity usage during the peak period. For example, if you’re on our Electric Driver tariff you’d receive the 25% discount on your electricity consumption between 5am and midnight each day (the peak period).

You’re also eligible for Hive Solar Saver if you have Hive SmartCharge or FreeCharge enabled. You’ll see two credits on your bill each month, one for your EV usage and the other for Hive Solar Saver.

How do you work out my payments?

Your credits are equal to your electricity consumption in your previous billing cycle multiplied by 25%. If you’re on a time-of-use tariff (where you’re charged more than one unit rate), the 25% discount will only apply to your consumption during the peak period.

We use your smart meter readings to calculate your electricity usage during your billing period, if for any reason we’re unable to get your smart meter data to work out your consumption, for example, if your meter stops sending us readings, we may have to estimate your usage and payment.

If I change my tariff, will my payments change?

Yes, if you change your tariff, we’ll work out your credits with your new unit rate from the day your new tariff starts.

How do I sign up for the smart export guarantee tariff?

Find out more about our SEG tariffs and how to apply.

Additional information

  1. Hive Solar Saver offer is available to Hive solar and/or battery installations purchased between 22nd May 2024 and 30th September 2024, your installation should be completed by 31 December 2024. 25% discount applies for 12 months. Discount excludes standing charge. For time of use tariffs discount applies to peak rate consumption only. Must be new energy platform, direct debit, customer. For full details please see the Hive Solar Saver Terms & Conditions (PDF, 96KB).