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With PeakSave, you can save money on your bills by making small changes to when you use electricity.

By using more electricity at off-peak times, you can save money by getting half-price electricity with PeakSave Sundays.

And by using less electricity at peak times, you also get rewarded with PeakSave Winter.

It’s all done using your smart electricity meter. So, if you haven’t got one already, you’ll need to book your free installation.

What happens next?

If you'd like to take part in PeakSave events, simply fill in your details below.

Once you've registered, we’ll check if you’ve got a smart electricity credit meter that’s currently sending us meter readings.

It takes us around 7 to 10 days to complete all the checks:

  • We’ll email you once everything is set up, so you can start making the most of PeakSave events.
  • We’ll also let you know if your meter isn’t sending us readings or if it’s not eligible, so keep a look out for emails from us.

If we supply your electricity but you prepay or don’t have a smart meter, you should still fill in your details.

And we’ll only get in touch by email or text. So, please make sure your contact details are up-to-date in your online account.

Not an electricity customer yet?

You can only join PeakSave if you get your electricity from British Gas. We'd love you to join us and getting a quote is simple.

Get a quote

Thanks for signing up.

We’ll now check to see if your smart electricity credit meter is sending readings. If it is, you’ll be able to take part in PeakSave.

If it isn’t, or there’s another reason you’re not eligible, we’re working on it and will get you involved as soon as we can.

Either way, we’ll email you to let you know, so keep an eye on your inbox.

 Sorry, something went wrong

We are unable to process your record.

Registrations closed

Sorry, registrations for Peak Save have now closed.

You should be able to find this on any bill or statement from British Gas. Your account number can be in one of the following formats only:

If we have a PeakSave initiative available to you we’ll be in touch.

Smart meter privacy notice British Gas privacy policy Register for PeakSave

What happens next?

You’ll get a confirmation email from us

In the next few days we’ll confirm you’re all signed up.

We’ll contact you before the event

If you think you can use less energy at that time, just opt in.

Upgrade to a new smart meter

If you haven’t got a smart meter, complete your details and then you can book your free installation. Simply log into your account and check for an invitation to upgrade. If there’s no invite, please check back regularly.

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