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Worcester Bosch boilers at British Gas

From traditional gas boilers to system and combi boilers, we have a wide selection of A-rated Worcester Bosch boilers for your home. But why Worcester Bosch? Who exactly are Worcester Bosch? And what can you expect? Here’s all you need to know about Worcester Bosch boilers.

How Worcester Bosch began

Founded in 1962 by Cecil Duckworth, the famous boiler company began its life as Worcester Engineering Co Ltd. And you guessed where it was based, right? Worcester! Just like the sauce. In 1996, after the company was fully acquired by Robert Bosch, the new name Worcester Bosch was born and has been going strong since.

As one of the leading domestic boiler providers in the UK, Worcester Bosch offers a wide range of gas and oil boilers, hot water cylinders and renewable technologies such as heat pumps. And Worcester Bosch partners with leading energy companies, like us, to offer these services directly to you.

Did you know? Worcester Bosh received a Royal Warrant for supplying boilers to the Queen’s Sandringham Estate.

Getting to know Worcester Bosch boilers

When it comes to combi boilers, system or regular boilers, Worcester Bosch offers a lot of options, such as the Greenstar and Lifestyle ranges. Each of them comes in a range of sizes, so there’s one suitable for most homes. And Worcester Bosch offers different types of boilers too, so you can pick the one that suits your needs.

Worcester Bosch system boilers

For bigger households where multiple people might be showering or using the taps at the same time, a system boiler is the way to go. It can provide the same benefits of a combi boiler, giving you hot water when you need it, but it also uses a hot water storage cylinder as well, usually stored in the loft.

Worcester Bosch conventional boilers

With a conventional boiler (or ‘regular’ or ‘traditional’) you can store hot water so lots of people can enjoy hot water at the same time. It’s able to do this by using a hot water cylinder and a cold water tank. If you’ve ever been in a house and heard the many shouts of “hey, have you turned the hot water on?!”, then you know that’s a house with a conventional boiler.

Worcester Bosch combi boilers

Worcester Bosch is known for having some of the best combi boilers (or combination boilers) and the beauty of them is that they can provide hot water exactly when you need it. Turn on the hot water tap and out comes hot water.

Find out about the different types of boilers and which is best for you.

Why Worcester Bosch?

  • Rated excellent on Trustpilot – check out some of the examples below
  • A brand you can rely on – continuously ranked as the UK’s best value boiler brand on YouGov
  • A-rated energy efficiency for their Greenstar, Lifestyle and Ris boilers
  • Quiet Mark Certified boilers means you can get boilers without the loud noises
  • A full trophy cabinet – from being voted the UK’s Best Domestic Boilers Manufacturer in Build Magazine’s 2020 Home and Garden Awards, to 12 years on the trot being endorsed by Which? - their awards reflect their quality

Worcester Bosch boilers reviewed and rated

Reading the reviews online has become invaluable when making a big purchase like a new boiler. And people have lots of positive things to say about Worcester Bosch boilers:

This is a much more efficient boiler than our previous one – our energy consumption has dropped significantly. In the first year we have had no problems with the boiler at all.

The Worcester Bosch boiler is efficient, effective and looks smart. We have two and they are easy to use and have been most effective.

Had a new Worcester Bosch boiler and it’s doing exactly what I want it to do. Just working efficiently and quietly away in my garage.

How do I get a Worcester Bosch boiler?

Easy. We can help, in just three simple steps. We’ll ask you a few questions about your home, then give you recommendations, be it a Worcester Bosch combi boiler, system or a regular gas boiler – once you’ve made your choice, our expert engineers can install it for you.

Need help paying for your new Worcester Bosch boiler? We’ve got your back

We understand it can be daunting to pay out for a new boiler. It’s not cheap. But we also understand how important it is for you to have access to hot water and heating. That’s why we have a range of affordable options to help you pay for your boiler. Take a look at our payment options to get an idea of how much it would cost to pay monthly, or in full, for a new Worcester Bosch boiler.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Worcester Bosch boilers the best?

As one of the oldest names in the boiler business, Worcester Bosch certainly has carved out a reputation for itself. It’s constantly one of the best-selling and most trusted brands, with their combi boilers often winning awards from Which?. So it’s definitely safe to say that Worcester Bosch boilers are some of the best. The awards and customer testimonials can account for that!

How much is a Worcester Bosch boiler?

Worcester Bosch boilers can start from under £1000 and go up to a few times that, depending on whether you opt for a combi boiler for a small house, up to the larger regular boilers where there’s a higher demand for hot water. This price doesn’t always include the cost of installation if you buy direct. But when you buy through British Gas, we include the cost of installing your new Worcester Bosch boiler in the price.

Does Worcester Bosch service boilers?

Yes. And if you get your boiler directly from Worcester Bosch, you can arrange boiler services and see what’s covered in the guarantee. But if you get a boiler from us and take up HomeCare, then a boiler service is included in your cover.

How to service a Worcester Bosch boiler

It’s important to get your Worcester Bosch boiler serviced each year to make sure it’s running smoothly and safely. When an engineer comes to your home to service your Worcester Bosch boiler, they’ll check the gas pressure and flow are correct, look to see the connections are in good condition and inspect the condensate pipe and flue. After they’ve checked the pipework and everything’s in order, you’ll get paperwork (or have it sent online) to confirm your Worcester Bosch boiler’s state, along with any other recommendations.

At British Gas, we can do one-off services or give you an annual boiler service if you’re a HomeCare customer.

Does Worcester Bosch install boilers?

Worcester Bosch doesn’t have a network of engineers (like we do!). Instead, you will get a list of recommended Worcester Accredited Installers in your local area. Of course, if you buy a Worcester Bosch boiler, you can check out our friends at Local Heroes to find an engineer local to you. Or if you buy direct us with British Gas installation, your boiler will be installed by a British Gas engineer.

How much to install a Worcester Bosch boiler?

You could be paying a couple of hundred quid if you’re just looking for a boiler service from a local tradesperson. But if you have HomeCare, you get an annual service included.

How long is the warranty on a Worcester Bosch boiler?

Every boiler installed by British Gas comes with up to 12 years’ warranty. That includes all parts and labour. And if we can’t fix the fault, we’ll give you a replacement free of charge.