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There’s no need to panic. We have more than 6,000 highly-trained gas boiler engineers available who can help get your heating back on and your hot water running again.

Plus, we have a range of options for you, from one- off repairs, to a repair with ongoing care.

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[1] Your breakdown history will be taken into account in determining next year's pricing.

[2] Limits apply, please see full terms & conditions.

[3] Price available to new customers and to existing customers adding to their product holding for the first year (paying by Direct Debit) and applies to most households outside of the M25. Prices for households within the M25 will vary. Your breakdown history will be taken into account in determining next year's pricing. Price subject to change. Terms & conditions apply. 10% online discount applies to HomeCare® packages which include an annual boiler service. Offer ends 17th October 2015.

If you are an existing energy customer, and logged in to your British Gas online account, the prices you see will be inclusive of the Energy Customer Discount (ECD). The ECD is exclusive to customers who have energy with us when they purchase or renew a 12 month HomeCare® insurance contract. It does not apply to non-insurance HomeCare® service agreements, British Gas Home Insurance products and Glazing, locks, roof and pests insurance. The discount will be applied either annually or monthly, depending on how you pay. The discount will show as a credit on your statement under 'How your payments are broken down'. Only one ECD of a maximum of £12 is available per household in any 12 month period. Please consult your statement and HomeCare® terms & conditions to see which products you have. We reserve the right to withdraw the ECD in the future without notice.

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Walsall Homeowner
I contacted British Gas on line to report a fault with our central heating. I booked a time slot and no one turned up so I lost a days annual leave for nothing.
I have since booked to change to smart meter again on line. Booked 2 weeks in advance and rang them the day before to confirm.
Twenty minutes on the phone to be told no knowledge of my appointment. Too late to cancel another lost annual leave day. I have been with BG for over 30 years but now looking at alternatives.
What has happened to you British Gas?
16 of 18 people found this review helpful
Published on: 24 September 2015
(2 out of 10)

Confirmed purchaser

middlesex Homeowner
Engineer visit booked in advance, engineer called arrived at residence and was informed by family member engineer arrived didnt carry out any checks etc bearing in mind I had explained that recently on visit problem with boiler. He seemed to feel without any checks that this was a service which was required by a plumber. And left. What a waste of time and permit which I applied for.
7 of 8 people found this review helpful
Published on: 23 September 2015

Hi, let me get this looked into and find out exactly what happened. If you could please email your details to twitter@britishgas.co.uk and include the reference 300019148995 in the subject line I'll make sure this is picked up for you. Thanks, Danny

(4 out of 10)


Visit one (Friday PM): annual service booked and and when enginneer arrived we mentioned that very recently we had trouble getting hot water from downstairs in the kitchen and in the shower without running the bathroom sink tap which seemed to 'ignite' the boiler. The first engineer confidently stated there was absolutely nothing wrong with our boiler and tried to tell us it was our kitchen tap that was causing the 'no hot water' problem and should be replaced. When we reminded him the shower, directly plumbed in, also had the same problem he back tracked a little. He then told me my Baxi combi stored hot water in a large container (right....NOT) and accussed me of calling him a liar when I told him what a previous engineer had told me about it! He then decided he would order a new diaphragm and heat senor, another visit arranged, the earliest of which I could make was mid-week. He left leaving us with no hot water.
Visit two (Wednesday PM): above parts replaced, hot water still not hot but at least tepid from most taps now.
Following Friday now no hot water again - call-out placed and another engineer visit scheduled for next morning.
Visit three (Saturday AM) : This time seemed lucky enough to get someone who actually appeared to know what they were doing. He found a leak caused by over-tightening previously and ordered other parts. Having to re-arrange more time to enable working from home, visit scheduled for later in the week.
Visit Four (Wednesday PM): One final visit later, damage repaired, parts replaced and we again have hot water.

Not impressed.
9 of 11 people found this review helpful
Published on: 23 September 2015
(3 out of 10)


Oldbury Homeowner
I had a gas fire with back boiler in the lounge. A 95p microswitch inside the gas valve went open circuit. "Can't be fixed, no longer manufactured; have to condemn the whole thing".
A salesman came. "Can't do a straight replacement. You'll have to have a separate boiler on an outside wall." Agreed boiler position and pipe runs.
Craftsman and half-wit assistant arrived. "Can't do it like that. Salesman is an idiot."
Agreed revised plan. Half-wit started the job by breaking off all the radiator valve caps with pliers then found I'd opted for the extended guarantee instead of the replacement thermostatic valves. They're still not replaced. Half-wit fitted pipe clips to the garage ceiling with dome headed screws, so the clips won't close properly. Half-wit didn't bother tightening up a coupling in the airing cupboard, causing a minor flood when the system was refilled. Half-wit left a pile of debris in the kitchen, despite the craftsman asking him to clear it up at least three times to my knowledge. Throughout the job, nothing was straightforward, and the craftsman worked like a Trojan to complete the job on time, but he was doing the work of one and a half men. Half-wit spent an awful lot of time mooning over his phone. He was in luurrve. At the end of the job, several plastic bags of rubbish were left behind to be picked up the next day by a driver. A fortnight later I took them to the tip myself. Now I have to find someone to fit a new gas fire because you tell me you don't do that sort of work..
9 of 11 people found this review helpful
Published on: 22 September 2015

Hi John, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. I'm sorry to hear about the whole experience you had throughout your installation. If you'd like me to get our Customer Relations Team to look into this for you please email twitter@britishgas.co.uk and include the reference number - 300013047077 - in the subject line. Thanks, Danny

(3 out of 10)


edinburgh Homeowner
Not satisfied with the price quoted for maintenance contract. Telephoned customer service several times to obtain a more realistic price without success. I asked to speak to someone in charge but I have not been contacted. Very dissatisfied with the customer care provided.
7 of 9 people found this review helpful
Published on: 22 September 2015

Hi John, I'd be more than happy to get our Customer Relations Team to contact you and take a look at this. Please email your details to twitter@britishgas.co.uk and include the ref - 300043973522 - in the subject line and I'll make sure it's picked up for you. Thanks, Danny