Charging your battery. Keeping your electric vehicle road ready

Here’s the low-down on powering your electric vehicle (EV) – getting from A to B might be easier than you think…

Ready, steady: charge. How fast will an EV battery charge?

Charger speed and the car battery size will be factors here. But you can expect the average battery connected to a standard home charge point (7.4kW) to fully charge from empty in under eight hours.

Public charge points are often faster, with rapid and super rapid chargers up to 150kW. And if your car’s compatible, they can get you back on the road in under 30 minutes.

Charge points

Where to charge your EV

At home

You can connect your EV to a 7.4kW home charge point. Our expert engineers can install your EV home charge point, offer advice and even take care of the paperwork for you. Find out more about Hive EV Charging.

If you're a Ford customer, learn more about the Ford recommended home charge point installation in partnership with British Gas.

Public charge points

If you live in the city or you don’t have off-street parking, the next best option is your nearest public charge station. And they’re popping up all over the place; car parks, shopping centres, hotels and many other public spots. Lots of them are rapid charging and use a type-2 EV charger, too. Just remember to check the network and sign up before you get there (usually via an app), so you can get charging straight away.

Charging at work

Lots of EV owners charge at work during the day, as there’s a good stretch of time when the car’s not in use. And many companies offer free or subsidised charging for employees, so it’s a handy option if available.

Cost of home charging1

Here’s a typical running cost of an EV
Vehicle Battery Size (kWh) kWh Cost (£) Cost to Charge
Tesla Model S 100d 100 0.14 £14.00
Nissan Leaf 30 0.14 £4.20
BMW i8 7 0.14 £0.98
Renault Zoe 22 0.14 £3.08
Mitsubishi Outlander 12 0.14 £1.68

Government offers

If you live in a flat or rental property, you could be eligible for the EV chargepoint grant. This offers up to £350 off the cost of installing an EV chargepoint at home. You’ll need dedicated off-street parking, and to use an authorised installer.

Time to charge. How far will a fully-charged battery take me?

The average EV will take you around 250 miles on a full charge. And while that’s often more than enough for the average journey, you’ll want to factor in a charge stop if you’re making a longer trip.

With nearly 40,000 public charge points 2 available (and plenty of apps out there to help you find them), getting to your destination should never be too taxing.

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