How to troubleshoot your Hive thermostat

Your Hive Thermostat could help you save up to £311 a year on your energy bills – but that relies on it working properly. If you’re having problems with your Hive Thermostat or Hive Mini, here’s how to solve some common issues.

Setting the temperature on your Hive Thermostat.

Check the batteries

It sounds obvious, but one of the most common reasons that your Hive Thermostat isn’t working properly is because the batteries have run out. Luckily, it’s simple to fix:

  • If it’s wall mounted, press the tab on the underside of your Hive Thermostat to release it
  • Turn it over and open the battery compartment on the back
  • Remove the batteries and replace them with fully charged ones – the Hive Thermostat takes 4 AA batteries, while the Hive Thermostat Mini takes 4 AAA batteries
  • Replace your thermostat on the wall or its stand – it should automatically switch back on and reconnect to the system.
How to troubleshoot your thermostat.

Check the temperature

If your heating is scheduled to be on but isn’t switching on, it could be because of the temperature it’s set to.

Your Hive Thermostat monitors both the actual temperature in your home, as well as the target temperature that you would like it to be. This means that it won’t switch your heating on if your home is already at the target temperature – helping you to use less energy and save money. To switch it back on, simply increase your target temperature until it’s higher than the target temperature.

The Energy Saving Trust recommends that your thermostat should be set to between 18°C and 21°C.

Programming your schedule

Setting up heating and hot water schedules are a great way of making sure your home’s the right temperature, at the right times. And by only having your heating on when you actually need it, you’ll use less energy and lower your energy bills.

It’s easy to set a schedule on the award-winning Hive app. Just go to ‘Heating’ and tap ‘Schedule’ at the top of the screen, then choose the days and times you’d like to set. You can change your schedules whenever you like.

Want to cut your energy bills even further? You could save a further £26 a month in winter with Hive Heating Plus, which gives you personalised tips to lower your bills.

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