Keeping Britain Fully Charged

21st February 2022

Cleaner, greener and more sustainable: when it comes to driving, the future’s definitely electric. That’s why we caught up with Robert Llewellyn on the latest episode of Fully Charged Plus, to chat about how we’re helping Britain make the switch.

From our shiny all-electric vans, to making electric driving doable, our Head of EV Propositions, Lucy Simpson, talks plans, progress, and our pledge to spark change.

British Gas Goes Electric: Hive EV Charging

Making switching simple at home…

Switching to an electric vehicle can seem daunting. But we’ve partnered with some of the biggest electric vehicle manufacturers, like Ford, Vauxhall and Toyota, to make things simple.

That includes things like dedicated EV tariffs with cheaper overnight electricity, and EV chargers installed by expert engineers. Plus, with Hive EV Charging, we’re making it greener, cheaper and more convenient to charge up at home. As well as giving you complete control via the Hive app, it’ll automatically sync with your EV energy tariff to charge when it’s cheapest. And you can see exactly how much you’re spending in pounds and pence.

Complete control of your charging with the Hive app.

…and on the road

We’re not just focusing on driveways either. We’re helping UK businesses get set up with fully-electric fleets, workplace charging, and specialist business tariffs.

With 30 per cent of all emissions coming from UK transport, it’s really important that we really get on with this transition to EV.

Going electric enables us to cut our own carbon emissions.

We’re electrifying our own fleet too

We have one of the largest van fleets in the UK, so it’s on us to cut our own carbon emissions too. We’ve already switched nearly 1,000 of them to super-efficient electric vans, clocking up three and a half million miles so far. That’s the equivalent of driving to the moon and back seven times! But we’re not stopping there. We plan to electrify our entire 9,000-strong fleet by 2025 – five years ahead of government targets.

Being able to drive electric vehicles and improving air quality is so important, and really is at the heart of why we’re making this transition and the drive to Net Zero.

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