Getting you (and us) closer to Net Zero

Helping our customer’s homes reach net zero.

World Environment Day is a chance for us all to look at how far we’ve come and what more we can do in the fight against climate change. We know that big brands like us have a huge role to play in creating positive change in the world – and that’s something we’re very committed to. 

Our people, our planet

We want to get everyone to zero carbon emissions by 2050 or earlier. As a company, we’re aiming to reach that target by 2045. And we believe we can get there by working together and helping each other. That’s why our ‘People and Planet Plan’ has specific goals for what we want to achieve as a company – and importantly, what we can do on behalf of you, our customers.

Our commitment to electric vehicles

To help meet car maker’s commitments and the UK government’s ambitious EV targets, we’re fully supporting the nation’s switch to electric vehicles. Our own fleet of vehicles will be 100% electric by 2030. On top of that, we’re partnering with many of the country’s most popular car brands. We’re already installing EV home charge points all over the UK for Ford, Lexus, Lotus and Vauxhall.

We offer professional installation when you buy Hive EV Charging, and our experts are fully trained and qualified to install EV chargers. We’ll give you a three-year warranty too if you choose British Gas-backed installation. We can help you through the paperwork too if you’re eligible for a government grant to help with the cost of home chargepoint installation. We also have a dedicated EV tariff that charges your car when there’s less demand on the grid – and when you’re more likely to charge with renewable energy.

Our EV installation can be hassle free, whilst helping the environment.

Making home heating greener

Heat pumps are the cleaner, greener way to heat your home. They work a bit like a fridge-freezer, but in reverse. They take warmth from the air outside and use electricity to give your home heating and hot water. And it doesn’t matter if it’s freezing outside – they work even when temperatures get as low as -15°C!

They’re a low-carbon alternative to gas boilers and could cut your home’s carbon emissions by 65% on average. In fact, switching to a gas boiler is one of best things you can do to lower your home’s carbon footprint.  

And because a heat pump can give you super-efficient heating, installing one could help to lower your heating bills too. A heat pump is over 350% efficient. In comparison, an A-rated gas boiler is only 90% efficient.

Heat pumps are greener and more cost efficient.

The Mixergy smart tank

The Mixergy hot water tank combines science and technology to heat only the water you need – plus a little extra, just in case. It cuts down on wasted energy, which means lower bills and not paying for hot water you don’t need. So, it’s great for your pocket and the planet.

It’s a clever, greener solution to our everyday needs, and we’ve partnered with Mixergy to get these energy-saving hot-water heaters into the homes of our customers across the UK.

Get a Mixergy hot water tank in your home
The Mixergy hot water tank cuts down on wasted energy.

Hive smart heating

Hive thermostats work with your existing boiler and heating system to help you save energy. And because you can control your Hive Thermostat with a quick tap of the Hive app from wherever you are, they could help you to cut your energy bills by never heating an empty home. Smaller and sleeker, Hive Thermostat Mini packs in all the benefits of smart heating at an even lower price.

To really make the most of your Hive Thermostat, why not join Hive Heating Plus? It can help you to supercharge your savings and shrink your carbon footprint with handy budgeting tools, 24/7 efficiency monitoring and personalised tips to help you use less energy every day.

Monitor your home’s heating efficiency 24/7 and lower your carbon footprint.

Inspiring change - together

When it comes to tackling the climate challenge, lots has been achieved. But we all still have much to do. And for our part, we know the significant role we have to play. Our People and Planet Plan is just the start. We’ll continue to make big investments in green technologies and collaborate with eco-friendly innovations and start-ups.

By helping our customers live sustainably, we can reach our ambitious but realistic climate goals together. So, let’s make this World Environment Day a special one and commit to real change that gets things headed in the right direction.

Find out more about our People and Planet Plan here

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